420 Tours Buyer beware.

Hi everyone, If your looking to book a 420 tour soon please take heed to our “420 Tours Buyer beware”.  It is a little article about what to watch out for when booking a cannabis friendly transport or cannabis tour. We have seen and heard of some not so safe practices happening in our industry and need to make light of it to as many travelers as possible. We are seeing an increase of private people using their private vehicle to run tours and airport pick ups. This is a bad thing for a few reasons.

in a regular 4 door sedan or SUV it is illegal in any city or state to consume intoxicants.

First off you can’t legally smoke in a regular sedan or SUV. If a city allows cannabis consumption in vehicles they normally follow the alcohol laws, which in some cities allow passengers that are in the rear compartment out of reach from driver and partitioned, to consume alcohol. Some of those same cities have also allowed cannabis consumption in that rear compartment too. But in a regular 4 door sedan or SUV it is illegal in any city or state to consume intoxicants.

Secondly you have to have a state issued livery plate (a red plate that lets you carry passengers) unless your Uber or that type of company. That red plate tells you that the car has been inspected by state officials within that year, the company has at least 2 million dollars in accident insurance per vehicle and the drivers have all be background checked and are licensed too.

In a private regular plated vehicle most normal insurance carriers won’t cover drivers if they are using the vehicle, driving for profit. We have had friends and people we have met, booking these exact type of vehicles and tours. This is a very unsafe mode of transport as they probably don’t have the required insurance to cover you in an accident and are charging you just a little less then the reputable legal companies.

So in short your getting ripped off and being put in an unsafe situation with these types of people. We urge you to ask a few questions with the above info and see what you find out before you book.

Have a save a fun journey.

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