Denver 420 Fest Colorado Cannabis Fun!

So it is getting closer to the time of year some of us wait for, 4/20/2016…Denver 420 Fest Colorado Cannabis. This date is a very busy and controversial time in Colorado. This is when all of the cannabis friendly people and long time smokers from around the world come out to show the solidarity in the cannabis community. This date has been used to rally against the powers of prohibition for 9 years and turned the tide for cannabis legalization. Cannabis friendly hotels in Las Vegas.

With this time frame comes a few events, The 420 Rally, Cannabis Cup moving away and now this year is the Denver 420 Fest. This new event promises to be somewhat different from the rest. It will spur B2B sales, public sales, and has entertainers on stage and in crowd through out the day. The promoter Timothy Vee says he has put all of the necessary and qualified people in place to make this event a lasting one.

“We wanted to keep this years event smaller so we could make sure to have it go as planned. We want it to have a great feel, dimly lit, there will be our feature performer from Texas Lil’ Flip. The schedule is also filled with many great local artists. They will have food trucks, fresh doughnuts,  around 35 vendors from the cannabis industry and others. Next year will they hope will bring a huge expansion to the event with a much larger venue. “Right now being new is the hardest part of this event” “Not having historical data makes it a hard sell with other events” says Tim Vee. “But with the cannabis cup having a lot of problems the booths are selling great!” “We have some great B2B vendors singed up, so get your booth and land that huge contract!” Tim says loudly. “This is where the undiscovered industry will be.”

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The Denver 420 fest is being held in the Glitter Dome event Center at 3600 Wynkoop St, Denver, CO 80216, in north Denver on 4/15, 16, and 17th of 2016. Parking is all on street and will be plentiful as all the places around will be closed. Tickets are $15 and booths are $850.00 for 3 days rental.

Come out and see Denver 420 Fest Colorado Cannabis and experience the true cannabis culture of Colorado.

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