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Well some of us know when you start off in this new cannabis friendly industry there are many products that just need a little help by a mentor to be amaking money Cannabis Distributors - Marijuana Marketing success. So somewhere along the line you will need some cannabis distributors – marijuana marketing, cannabis branding and a cannabis marketing platform to make sure you keep growing. So we have a great company we want to showcase here on This company is great at finding the new start ups in the cannabis industry and with some solid promotional work by them, your product will be seen by millions of cannabis enthusiasts. This up and coming company is the one and only CannaDIST Inc.

There is no true wholesale distributorship for cannabis products being legal, medical, recreational or even novelty. Every other industry be it beer, clothing or even food has a wholesale distributorship available for servicing. Now the Cannabis industry does. Its name is CannaDIST.

CannaDIST Inc. is a United States Cannabis Wholesale Distributorships. They are the one stop shop for products and goods related to the ever growing cannabis industry and you. The new and evolving products require a company ready to change with it. Cannabis friendly customers demand and insist on services with the sale, fair and honest pricing, selection of quality products and services and most of all a relationship of trust. They are the company that will deliver!

The pros of cannabis distributors – marijuana marketing.

Cannabis Distributors - Marijuana Marketing by Cannadist
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CannaDIST is a family business. Their background and relationships in the multifaceted retail industries have given them the edge in these type of products and services. After much research in trying to find products to sell at the retail level in most stores, CannaDist discovered a need for a service that doesn’t exist. There is no true wholesale distributorship for cannabis products being legal, medical, recreational or even novelty. Every other industry be it beer, clothing or even food has a wholesale distributorship available for servicing. Now the Cannabis industry does. Its name is CannaDIST.

They carry everything from growing lights and chemicals to t-shirts. Some of the other items they have include Arm Wallets, Comic Books, Paraphernalia Cleaning Brushes, Growers Eyewear, Safety Stash Bags, CBD and Hemp Products, even Hacky Sack and Flying Discs made from Hemp. They carry everything you need for the cannabis industry and 420 friendly fun.

weed Distributors - cannabis Marketing
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If you are a huge growing production or a small basement grower, they have what you need. If you own a dispensary or head shop, they have what you need. If you are looking for promotional items with your logo placement, they have what you need. If your needing 1 or 2 up to several thousand items, they have what you need. will deliver.

They use the logistics of shipping and distribution techniques of today’s known products to retail establishments and adapt them for the Cannabis industry.

They are localized with national possibilities. With the source of warehousing and distribution, retailers, manufactures, growers, suppliers, and everyone will have a place to sell and buy their goods. We make that connection happen through CannaDIST.

entrepreneur Cannabis Distributors - Marijuana Marketing

As the marijuana laws change and the demands for cannabis products increase as does the need for cannabis distributors – marijuana marketing….  they will be in place to cover that need.  As inventors, chemist, growers, manufactures and producers create the items that the customers want, they will be there. They will give them a place to sell and an outlet to move product to more retail customers than individually possible.

They can purchase more products at lower prices with a cannabis distributors – marijuana marketing company and pass those saving down to the retailer which in turn creates better selection and pricing at the consumer level.

Cannabis Distributors - Marijuana Marketing
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They will be able to provide a one stop shop for the retailer to find and purchase their goods with their marijuana distributors.  Because this cannabis industry is young, the only real source for product selection for the retailer is the unsecure searching on the internet.  Spending hours of searching for this product and hours searching for another and just to settle for whatever is available in that time consuming search. That is over. Now retailers have a real source for selection, pricing, reviews, marketing, support and a relationship with the wholesale distributor. CannaDIST will be able to supply that and more.

The consumer is the real winner. No longer will they have to buy through dark secret channels with inflated prices. They will stock their favorite retailer with the products they love at prices they can afford.

The web site will cater to our retailers and will always refer a sale to the retailer closest to a customer’s zip code. They want the end users to build relationships with the retailers so it becomes a win-win situation. Cannabis Distributors – Marijuana Marketing is a new viable business and to get a hold of them here are the links you need below.

CannaDIST wants to be your Distributor. or on FaceBook@CannaDIST or Twiiter@CannaDIST

  1. We are the manufacturer of a CBD rich product manufactured in an NSF / GMP certified facility with production capabilities in the millions of units. We’re pationate about our industry, our employees, and our customers. We’ve worked to create the puerest, most consumer friendy hemp / CBD product on the market at the lowest price and are looking for marketing / distribution channels to support online and local retails sales. I look forward to speaking with you. Jake

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