Top 5 States to Legalize Marijuana Next

2016 will be remembered as a momentous occasion in our US history… here we are breaking down the top 5 states to legalize marijuana next. No, we’re not talking about the battle between Clinton and Trump. We are talking about pot legalization. New legislation in the coming months could lead more of our states to become legal for recreational marijuana use. In this list we will discuss the top 5 states most likely to legalize cannabis in the not too distant future.

Our list of the top 5 states to legalize marijuana next…

It would be a shock if Nevada did not become the next one of our top 5 states to legalize marijuana.

1. California

That’s right, you still can’t smoke pot in peace under the California sun. This state top our top 5 states to legalize marijuana Doesn’t it sound odd to have the Golden State in this top 5 list? After all, California has always been known for its progressive tendencies. They should have been first to legalize pot, right? Well, Cali was one of the very first states to adopt medical marijuana in 1996. However, due to this early adoption of medical marijuana, CA did not put various regulation measures into place, and the medical marijuana industry went berserk. Soon you can stay at a 420 friendly hotel in California.

This could be the main reason why it has taken so long to legalize recreational marijuana here. Today it looks like the stage is finally set for a major legislative push for the Adult Use of Marijuana Act in CA. Many cannabis legalization groups, as well as Lieutenant Gavin Newsom, have endorsed this bill. Governor Jerry Brown has also done a great job making the medical marijuana industry more professional. Governor Brown has signed numerous laws designed to keep the medical marijuana industry restrained. For now, we will just have to wait and see if the Adult Use of Marijuana Act passes.

2. Nevada

nevada cannabis

If you are a betting man, Nevada is the state to put all your money on in this race. Most of us feel that the Sagebrush State has the greatest odds of being the next state to follow in Colorado’s footsteps. When legalized pot supporters began their campaign to get enough signatures to qualify for the 2016 ballot, they got a whopping 170,000 signatures in December. You only need 101,667 signatures to legally qualify for the ballot in NV. It’s quite obvious that there is a great deal of popular support for this issue amongst Nevadans. Smoking games anyone? It would be a shock if Nevada did not become the next one of our top 5 states to legalize marijuana. Let us hope this is what happens, so we can book 420 friendly hotels in Las Vegas.

3. Maine

How could Maine honestly call itself “Vacationland” without legal marijuana? Currently, this state has a professional medical marijuana program for its citizens. Some people say that Maine’s medical marijuana system is one of the finest in the nation. And popular support for recreational pot is only growing. Many cities, including Portland and Lewiston, have already tried to legalize recreational marijuana on their own. The Marijuana Legalization Act is what people should follow if they are concerned about Maine’s battle for legalized marijuana. After some issues concerning the legality of the signatures in support of this bill, it has been ruled that 62,848 signatures on the ballot were legal. You only need 61,123 to put this bill up for a vote in November. With this strong support, it is only a matter of time before marijuana becomes legal in the Pine Tree State. Can not wait to stay at a 420 friendly hotel in Maine.

4. Arizona

Top 5 States to Legalize Marijuana 23Arizona might not be an easy win for those in support of recreational marijuana, but the chance that this state could win over voters is still in the cards. Medical marijuana was legalized in this state in 2010 with only a slim majority of voters– 4,000 votes to be exact. Support for the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Arizona is split down the middle, with most polls showing a 50/50 divide. While possible, legalizing marijuana in Arizona is by no means a done deal. This will be one of the closest and most exciting races to watch in the ensuing months.

5. Connecticut

Residents of the Nutmeg State are generally in favor of legalizing cannabis. About 56 percent of respondents in recent surveys say they think the legalization of pot would be a good thing for CT economically. Connecticut’s current medical marijuana dispensaries have conducted themselves with professionalism and care. They have helped their many registrants get their medicinal needs and, overall, created a good public image for themselves. There have been two initiatives for legalizing marijuana for recreational use in 2015, but they have yet to become the law of land. The force of popular opinion, however, shows that residents of CT overwhelmingly want to legalize cannabis soon. And, in just a few months or years, they probably will.

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