Popular Diseases You Never Knew Cannabis May Potentially Cure

There is no denying the fact that cannabis, the Botanical name for Marijuana, is one of the most popular illicit drugs in the world. At the same time, cannabis is also one of the safest and least addicting of illegitimate substances. Researchers from around the globe have been putting their best foot forward to study the favorable qualities of cannabis so that it can be legalized. 

Since last few years, many scientific journals have even focused on the plant’s positive effects on the body’s endocannabinoid system, which acts like a bridge between mind and body. Proponents often tout cannabis’ pain-relieving benefits and its use by several institutes for healing psychological as well physical problems in humans.

Given below is a list that discusses some of the popular diseases where the use of cannabis has shown wonderful results.

Cancer: Cannabinoids, the most important and active components of cannabis are believed to inhibit tumor growth, and also kill cancer cells in the body. Many scientific reports even suggest that cannabinoids activate a unique class of receptors which are very beneficial in treating lung cancer.

Glaucoma: Cannabis can also be used to treat or prevent the quite common eye disease, Glaucoma. No wonder, this is also one of the most documented disease successfully treated by the plant. Cannabis decreases the pressure built inside the eye and also lowers down the progression of the disease, thus preventing blindness.

Anxiety: Medical usage of cannabis often helps in relieving pain, and even suppresses nausea, the two prominent reasons for failed chemotherapy. It is even seen that in many cases cannabis has worked much better than the common anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drugs.

Seizure: Almost every study claims that cannabis is a type of muscle relaxant and possesses antispasmodic qualities which have time and again proved to be perfect for treating seizure. One may find countless case studies online of patients which have been treated through the use of this plant.

Diabetes: Recent studies suggest that compounds of cannabis may be helpful in controlling blood sugar level of the human body. The plant acts as a strong ‘vasodilator’ that keeps the blood vessels open and improve circulation of blood throughout the body.

Neuropathic Pain Reduction: Cannabis in vaporized form is found to be effective in treating people experiencing neuropathic pain. The plant is also a common healing ingredient for chronic pain. Based on studies, cannabis, when taken in right quantity and form, increases the relaxation level of the body.

Alzheimer’s: A study by Scripps Research Institute quotes that, “Cannabis or Marijuana may be helpful to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease”. The plant blocks the deposits in the brain through THC, the active chemical in cannabis. This also lowers down the formation of amyloid plaques which are responsible for causing Alzheimer’s.

Appetite Stimulation: Apart from high medical values, cannabis’s key chemical element, THC also works as a powerful appetite stimulator. Studies reveal that plant has shown amusing results on both, sick as well as healthy individuals worldwide. Cannabis can also help in weight gain in anorexia.

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