Some Do and Don’ts of Cannabis Vaporization


There are certain things to avoid when using a vaporizer with cannabis. The proper steps to take to enhance the experience is valuable knowledge, but there are some things that you should not do as well. To insure that you gain the most benefit and best experience from your vaporizer and your plant, you must familiarize yourself with both. The most common errors in the process of cannabis vaporization in a vaporizer concern heating, filling and use of your plant material. Overdoing or lacking in any of these areas can greatly reduce the benefits of your vaporizer and your cannabis.

Studies have shown that the release of THC from cannabis hits peak disbursement at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature too low will result in a lower release of active ingredients creating a vapor that is more air. Heating the plant at a temperature that is too high can destroy the active ingredients and have the same result. For this reason, it is a good practice to keep your vaporizer set at the proper temperature for cannabis. Otherwise, you are wasting the plant, creating a low concentration of vapor and not gaining the benefits from the vaporization process.

Another thing to avoid is overfilling both the bowl and the balloon bag of your vaporizer. Overfilling the bowl or packing the cannabis too tightly reduces the air flow. This causes an uneven heating of your herbal materials inside the bowl and will result in part of it being overused and part of it underused. Generally, your plant substance is good for multiple heating and after a few uses, the tight pack does not result in a concentrated vapor. A good balance is created with a loose pack of finely ground substance. You also do not want to overfill the bag when capturing the vapor for the obvious reason of exploding the bag.

The usage of your plant material is of utmost concern when vaporizing cannabis. Always avoid placing whole buds of your plant into the bowl of your vaporizer. You may get one good concentrated bag of vapor from heating a bud, but after that it becomes basically useless. Take the time to grind your plant before placing it into the bowl. And don’t use the same material too many times. One of the beauties of a vaporizer is the ability to reuse the material, but overuse is simply a waste of time. You can get an idea of the vapor concentration in the bag by the look of it. If the vapor is beginning to look too thin, throw out the mix and start again.

By avoiding these few and simple errors in the process of cannabis vaporization, you enhance the experience and gain the most benefit from your product. A good quality vaporizer maximizes the benefits of your cannabis and a quality grade plant is the best choice for use in these devices. In short, don’t over-do it, don’t under-do it, but find a good balance in between.

About the Author –  Fay Porinsky is an expert in the alternative health field with more than 20 years of experience. She has particular knowledge and experience with herbal vaporizers, including the 2003 Dr. Rudolf-Eberle-Prize innovation award winning Volcano Vaporizer.