Types of Bongs for Sale Near Me

Bongs come in different sizes, shapes and budgets. They can also be divided into two; commercial and homemade bongs. Commercial bongs are plenty in the market for the average and heavy smoker, and a buyer out to purchase one will be spoiled for choice considering there are numerous varieties available. Here are the many types of bongs for sale near me in the world today.

Preference is what comes to mind when buying a new bong or adding to ones collection. Different bongs have different characteristics; some look classy, others are durable, others may present a good bargain while some may be easier to clean and maintain.

The frequency of use should also be put into consideration when stepping out to buy a new bong. Let us look at some of the available bongs to help you make an informed decision when that time comes.

  • Bubblers

For the marijuana smoker who prefers a small stylish bong, the bubbler category of bongs fits this bill. They are easy to carry around and are enclosed. They are designed with a small hole that can be used to inhale the smoke, but the pipe that comes with the bong is the most popular medium to get a puff from.

The smoke that comes from the bubbler bong is usually filtered in the water and cooled providing a refined smoke.

  • Glass Bongs

This class of bongs is the most popular for a variety of different reasons. One, is that they are malleable and can be molded into any design. Two, glass bongs are able to absorb heat which means a user can hold up a light to them without the danger of burning ones lips or fingers. These are the most widely available bongs for sale near me.

Finally, they do not leave an aftertaste and your marijuana remains original, while the smoke will always be pure.

  • Acrylic Bongs

Acrylic bongs are the answer to cheaper glass bongs and are mostly used by first time smokers or more experienced ones looking for a cheaper option. They are not easy to destroy and can give a smoker service for a long time and they are very easy to clean.

  • Bucket Bong

A bucket bong uses water to create a constant vacuum although the water does not necessarily filter the smoke. Due to this fact, the smoke from this bong comes out thick to the point of causing coughing fits to the user.

This also means that more chemicals are inhaled. The bucket bong is usually used by a smoker who has a limited amount of marijuana, but still wants to feel the effect.

  • Ceramic Bongs

These are made from clay which is then modeled into various designs, and then baked. For smokers who like their bong having intricate designs, this should be their number one choice.

The only setback is that the ceramic bongs have very small chambers that do not allow for enough smoke build up.

  • Bamboo Bongsbamboo bong

These are usually of very high quality and have a natural feel to them, and also come in great designs. They also have a tendency to last for a very long time. These are all hand made and are all one of a kind due to the chute differences.

  • Plastic Bongs

The plastic bongs are the cheapest and most durable in the market. Plastic can take a lot of beating before being damaged and this makes these bongs suitable for travel. Their cheapness does not in any way hamper their effectiveness though.

This entire selection of bongs for sale can be bought in various bong shops dotted across the country, or online. Such as VortexGravityBong.com, The type of bong one buys generally depends on the various factors mostly known to the user.

The market provides for all types of bongs and preferences so that the user can enjoy their smoking experience.

written by: Vortex Gravity

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