Thinking about Quitting Marijuana? Read this!!

Thinking about quitting Marijuana? Well marijuana is a subject that most people have a strong viewpoint on. You are either really for it and want it to be legalized because you know the benefits of it or you are the naysayers that really don’t want it legalized. Chances are those people that are against it have never even tried it. This all leads back to 1937 when the government put in place the, Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 which sparked many propaganda we uncover to be untrue today. Let’s take the reefer madness craze. A movie was made that depicted that kids in high school get addicted to marijuana and cause accidents, kill people, suicide, and overall go looney, all from inhaling this plant. Another propaganda that was spread was based on racist lies. Due to cannabis being popular in the entertainment world which consisted of a lot of African Americans and Latinos, lies were spread that marijuana made these men want to rape white women. A famous line that has been echoed to bring forth what horrendous lies were being said is, “Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.”

While there are many other theories as to why pot was made illegal, we are not here to speculate. With all this being said, there is a tiny and very small truth to marijuana after effects. In reality, as much as the
marijuana withdrawal symptoms aren’t as bad as they’re depicted, there are minor, minimal effects that come with not using marijuana after long time daily usage. Actually, withdrawal isn’t the best word but it’s the word we’ll use for a lack of better words. When people think of withdrawals they typically think of cold sweats, body aches, nausea, and much more. Cannabis withdrawal effects generally don’t last longer than a couple days, if that.Thinking about Quitting Marijuana

Sleep – If you have had trouble sleeping and started using marijuana to help you sleep then this might be the only effect you have. Try drinking chamomile or non-caffeinated tea before going to sleep. It will really help calm the body down.

Appetite – One of the best feelings is getting the munchies and sitting down to chow on your favorite meal. However when you stop smoking, you will notice a loss of appetite the next day. This usually goes away by dinner time which will get you in the mood for supper.

Attitude – Your attitude might change change for the next couple days. Some people have said that they become angrier or passive aggressive. It makes sense because you go from a relaxed and calm state all the time to being more attentive or mindful. Somethings can irritate you.

Combat the Effects

There are several ways to relax and make sure these effects don’t get to you. One of them is to exercise. Exercising gets your mood right, gets you tired and makes you more peaceful. The joy of going outside and moving around really uplifts your mood. Another really good one is meditating. Many people haven’t tried it so they don’t believe in it. Meditating before bed or before you get your day started is key to having being mindful and relaxed.