What is a percolator bong and where can you buy one ?

percolator bong

Percolator bong….A lot has changed over the past few years in terms of best bongs and water pipes. The percolator bong gives a whole new twist to cannabis smoking and incorporates some clever and artistic engineering. At first many stoners were dubious about this type of pipe and thought that they might be a bit of a gimmick that would soon die out. But as time passed the hype continued to grow and people could no longer ignore the magic hit delivered by one of these bongs. If you look around in shops today you can often find that there are more of these new versions than the original classic pipes, due to their effectiveness it just makes sense to add the percs to every pipe made.

So what exactly is the difference between a percolator bong and a normal one?glass bong


Take a look at the image left, at first glance it is easy to identify the normal pipe and the perc type. But what is actually going on in those blue shaped discs? Well, first of all the percolator comes in many different shapes and sizes, from the honeycomb disc you see to large tree shaped parts with branches hanging down! The list of different types is growing by the week as more and more creative glass blowers switch over. But the result, regardless of the shape, is the same. The smoke travels through the pipe and then comes into contact with the glass partition. It is then separated hundreds of times through a network of different pin shaped holes and slits. This creates a crazy amount of surface area within the smoke that allows the water to cool it down thousands of times more effectively than before, creating a noticeably smoother smoke.

Where can I buy a percolator bong

If you wish to feel the magic for yourself then you can buy a percolator bong here in just a few easy clicks. There are a few online shops that sell these but HerbTools.com has them at very competitive prices with worldwide shipping, so wherever you are located you can get access to one. As you can expect, they cost a little more than a normal bong due to the complexity of crafting one but I can assure you they are worth every extra penny.

As a daily smoker I always wanted to get the most from my herbs and taste every flavor it could possibly offer me. This new type of water pipe allowed me to do this and helped me avoid any nasty coughing fits by catching a lot more of the unwanted tars within the smoke. So now that your bong is dirty….How to Clean Your Bong – We can show you.

So when your buying your next water pipe, make sure it is a percolator bong.

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