Learn about Recreational Marijuana in Massachusetts

So you want to know more about recreational marijuana in Massachusetts? It has been a slow ride to this point and sales are now allowed to begin, but will they? Read on and learn about when sales will be available, where, and rules on recreational cannabis in Massachusetts.


#1 – When and where can you buy?Recreational marijuana dispensaries may or may not be able to open for business sometime in July, the exact date is unknown. The first places to sell recreational marijuana in Massachusetts will be the medical marijuana dispensaries which are already operating. Those businesses were given priority applications and are most likely to have some product in stock when recreational sales begin.


#2 – What will it cost?As far as the price of recreational cannabis in Massachusetts we would likely guess the same it is around the other recreational states. So about $15 to $20 a gram and $150 to $220 per ounce. There is also the 17% state tax and a 3% local tax on top of those prices as well.

recreational marijuana in Massachusetts
Recreational marijuana in Massachusetts will see a shortage when it comes available. Be ready for long lines and high prices.

#3 – Who can have it?Adults only, if your age is 21 and older, you are permitted to possess up to 1 ounce of pot in public places or 10 ounces at home. Adults can also grow up to six marijuana plants per person or 12 plants per home.


#4 – Where to Smoke it? –  As per normal public consumption is illegal so keep it in your property, rental, or 420 friendly Massachusetts hotel.

Recreational marijuana in Massachusetts has been a slow ride.

Now it has been slow going when it comes to recreational marijuana in Massachusetts and we anticipate it not changing soon. The governments there want to be very careful and cautious when it come to recreational cannabis and there are still some very staunch opponents to this also. so lets hope we can soon travel to Boston and but an ounce of Massachusetts finest.

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