So we show you what to do, where to find recreational dispensaries, places to smoke your weed like cannabis consumption lounges, things to do like cannabis tours, grow tours and the like. But we haven’t said what NOT to do, but why would we? You should already know these 5 things not to do on your 420 vacation in California….or do you?

5 Things Not to Do on Your 420 Vacation in California

Top 5 things Not to do on your 420 Vacation in California.

#1- Take Cannabis to Your Home State: This is a very tempting thing to do. Your there is Cali, smoking, dabbing, enjoying all the cannabis you can smoke. Now it is time to leave and you have some extra in your possession, or you want to take some home to show and enjoy with your friends. Don’t do it!!

Most states have diligent airport security that knows where you came from, they have drug dogs, x-rays and the like. They do check periodically, the bags and people traveling from the legal states. This practice can land you some jail time or at minimum some money out of your pocket. Don’t risk it.

#2- Smoking in Public: You see some people standing there blazing up a joint. The smell is almost overwhelming and enticing you. You say to yourself…”Hey they’re blazing so I am going to also.” Don’t!

Now most likely you will probably not get busted, but why chance it. A public consumption fine is money you now don’t have for more cannabis or for your vacation. Fines can range from $100.00 and up.

Don’t consume in public.

#3- Touch the Cannabis at a Dispensary: I have been doing 420 tours for over 8 years I have seen this plenty of times. You go into the recreational dispensary, see some buds you want to check out, the budtender brings the jar over and opens it or places a few buds on the display tray…then bam you reach out and grab it!

This is a huge NO, NO when it comes to dispensary etiquette. This bud has to be kept as sanitary as possible. This can contaminate the product and make it un-sellable. This can also get you removed from the premises for the worst offenders.

Keep your hands away, and no you cannot smell it either. Here is an article on how to act when in a dispensary. – Recreational Dispensary Etiquette

Don’t touch or smell the buds!!!!

#4- Blaze with Minors: It is a bit tempting to share with your friends and I do recommend it, as it make the highs better in my opinion. But only if they are 21 or over…OR have a valid medical card.

Contributing to minors is a huge offense in all states and can get you jail time, fines and probation. No matter how much begging your underage relative or friend is doing… don’t. Steer clear of that.

#5- Over consume: Once again, I have seen this happen too many times. Old stoner says “I used to blaze an ounce in a day!” Well this cannabis of today is WAY more powerful then the old dirt weed of yesteryear. I have seen people go away in ambulances feeling like they are having a heart attack after a dab. Or have a bad trip due to eating a whole brownie that was high in THC.

Go slow, take it easy. Do a small dab on your first hit and wait a bit. Eat a small portion of that edible and wait an hour. Don’t cough your lungs into oblivion trying to keep up with your friends. Not worth the problems these can cause.

Over consumption can screw up a good time.

Remember, your there to have a good time. Not get screwed over with making a mistake you know you shouldn’t have done. Now these are only a few things not to do on your 420 vacation in California. Just use good logic, common sense and have a great time there.

Iron Lungs – USAWeed contributor

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