What should you do on your Cannabis Vacation?

In the last couple of years, cannabis enthusiasts have been indoors for far too long, just like everyone else. However, while the other part of the population gears up to make the best of their summer vacations, stoners have a great plan as well.

Cannabis tourism has taken off and gained renewed popularity especially since the pandemic is on the decline. One of the most fun activities this year is embarking on an adventure that takes you places to experience new activities- all while smoking or consuming recreational pot legally.

woman in cannabis plants Best Cannabis Tourism Activities in 2022

Are you looking for a change and want to mingle with like-minded people, have great conversations, and share your enthusiasm for cannabis?

This blog will help you scope out your options to plan your summer without worrying about the legality of cannabis consumption in certain areas. We’ll take a multi-faced approach towards this discussion so that you can cover all the bases.

But first, let’s start with the most essential question.

What is Cannabis Tourism?

Cannabis tourism is simply explained as a type of tourism activity where one can legally use marijuana and cannabis. As per the observation of mellowoil, this section of the tourism industry was built based on the reservations regarding the use of recreational marijuana.

The need for creating a safer and relaxed environment for pot and weed aficionados was therefore filled by curated experiences just for this section of the population.

If you’re a cannabis consumer for either recreational cannabis or medical purposes, there are agencies and individuals to assist in planning a tourism itinerary; they will ensure that you have a rejuvenating and amazing time while visiting cities where the recreational use of pot is legal.

These experts will help you from booking flights to your stay in the cannabis-friendly city. You can find some here on our site.

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Other perks of going on a cannabis tour are to have leisure excursions and fun activities to do around the area. The tourism agents also organize a visit to CBD extraction establishments and other farms where you can watch the development and manufacture of CBD products one-on-one.

One of the biggest attractions of these tour packages is the cannabis-infused interactions that have the customers have. We’ve been noticing an increased level of interest in these kinds of vacation ideas, thanks to the innovative itineraries that stand apart.

Cannabis festivals, flea markets, cannabis-infused cooking classes, and many other such programs keep the tourists busy and entertained, carving out a substantial niche in the tourism market.

The benefit of being a pot buff in such a tourism program is being privy to all forms of cannabis products such as gummies, edibles, vape pens, joints, and blunts, legally. Be it samples or discounted purchases, cannabis tourism offers a new dimension to vagabonds that love to explore new places without being restricted over their use of pot and weed.

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Are Cannabis Tourism Activities Legal?

One of the most interesting factors in cannabis tourism is how the industry organically bifurcated its own niche and is approaching becoming a billion-dollar market by 2025. Cannabis and marijuana have been legalized for both prescription and recreational use, which means that these states and areas are open to cannabis tourism.

Of course, the caveat lies in rightful use, but the tour organizers ensure that their customers have a good time without the need to look over their shoulders.

What Kind of Activities Can You Embark On?

One of the most beautiful aspects of cannabis tourism is that it brings together people from various walks of life that can turn into a close-knit tribe. If you’re wondering what is in store for those who love to try out different cannabis products to relax and enjoy their vacations, we’ve got your back.

Here’s a list of activities that you can enjoy with your friends or fellow tourists.

  1. Visiting pot festivals: There’s not much to explain about pot festivals except for the fact that they are reminiscent of the beautiful 80s. If you’re a millennial wishing you could have enjoyed the golden ages of stoners, attending one of these festivals will have your wish fulfilled. There are plenty of artists and bands that participate in these festivals that bring together cannabis enthusiasts. It is the perfect event to have a wonderful time singing along, dancing, and bonding.
  2. Attending a cooking class: After a point in time, eating pot brownies can become boring! This is because there is an entire universe of dishes that you can explore. Cooking classes with maestros that have perfected the art of infusing cannabis into delicious foods is an amazing experience.
  3. Glass-pipe blowing activities: One of the activities that you can take up is glass-pipe blowing with cannabis. These are adventurous art workshops where you can shape molten glass into beautiful fixtures. The twist to the activity- you get to blow cannabis smoke into the glass pipes. Fun and creativity put to the mix, this is a great session for those who enjoy art.
  4. CBD spa session: Getting all the tension released from your body after a stressful couple of years sounds like heaven. When combined with the use of CBD products, this can turn into the most rejuvenating experience of your life.
  5. CBD sampling tour: It is a dream come true for many to be able to visit cannabis establishments to watch how products are made. An added bonus to this tour would be getting free samples to try!
  6. A spiritual session: If you’re a person who loves to explore the esoteric side of life, these spiritual sessions will blow you away. Cannabis and marijuana are just a small aspect of these meditative practices, but will lead you to a deeper insight towards yourself!
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Wrapping Up:

Based on the legitimacy of marijuana and cannabis in given areas, tourism service providers have shaped an entire industry. Here, people are free to not only smoke these substances while touring but can also participate in fun activities safely. There are several beautiful states in the US that become tourism hotspots that one can visit, be it on a solo trip or a group vacation.