Cannabis and Pain

If you are or know of a very sever chronic pain sufferer this is a great article for you to read and watch about cannabis and pain. The cannabis of today can help so many variations of pain and suffering in many people instead of the synthetic variations of pain killers.

The elderly are one of the prime age regions that can and do benefit from daily cannabis prescriptions. Cannabis with pain relief are two things that we are just beginning to understand. Please watch the video and educate as many people as you can.


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  1. Laurie Ravine

    If I could have opened the video, I would have loved to watch it. I currently use medical cannibis for my debilitating fibromyalgia / chronic pain syndrome / herniated-bulging discs in neck and low back-sciatica. There isn’t a day where my pain is below 60-70%. Thank you

    1. usaweed Listing Owner

      The video works, we do apologize if is wasn’t operating for your browser.

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