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This is the place for all of the questions you were afraid to ask about weed. We have a lot of answers for you and all of your burning questions. Here on Cannabis for Dummies series we have many videos, articles and places to find info on all things cannabis in the next few pages.CANNABIS FOR DUMMIES

What is CBD? Well we have the answer for you. What are terepenes? We have that too! Almost all of your burning questions can be answered in the next 7 articles. Have fun and take notes.

First off let dive into the origins and what is marijuana, or should I say cannabis as the term “marijuana” was created to stigmatize this wonderful plant.

Indica or Sativa? What’s the difference??

Sativa vs Indica? Why are there so many types of cannabis available on the market and what are the differences between them? The answer is that they are most all are genetically modified Sativas, Indicas strains or genetic blends of two strains of cannabis plants. Indica originated in the rocky region of Afghanistan. Sativa originated in the tropics near the equator in places like Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and also Asia

Indica strains are typically sweet smelling and tasting. Within them you will find all sorts of berry type flavors. Sativa varieties are typically very piney and earthy with a very skunky pungent taste.

Growers now have moved their growing operations indoors and the types of plants grown, need to meet new growing standards. Growers have taken both popular and functional traits of cannabis and developed an indoor plant that marijuana smokers enjoy. Let’s start with the basics of the two main types of marijuana, Sativas & Indicas strains.

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