What are Terpenes? What do they do?

So you ask what are terpenes? Terpenes are strong smelling organic compounds that are found in many plants, fruits, trees, and even cannabis.  They are oils that produce the flavor and scent for cannabis, whether it be a skunky smell, gasoline smell, or fruity smell.  These oils are secreted in the flowers sticky resin glands, which are the same ones that produce THC, CBD’s, and other types of cannabinoids.

Terpenes do more than create the aromas and flavor of cannabis, they also repell plant predators that may eat the cannabis plant.  They also are responsible for attracting pollinators to these plants and interact with cannabinoids which create the medicinal properties that cannabinoids are known to have. When it comes to cannabis extractions,shatter, hash and oils, producers will commonly put in plant terpenes the product to bring the flavor back, as it lessens a quite a bit in production.

The properties which make it medicinal include easing pain, helping with inflammation in the body, and relaxing our muscles.  More than 100 of these terpenes exist in cannabis.  There is still a lot more data to be collected and compiled about all of the amazing things terpenes can do.

So watch this great video below to learn what are Terpenes

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