Las Vegas Marijuana Tours

Las Vegas marijuana tours. Find some of the best in Las Vegas 420 tours below. All tours are for adults 21 and over only.

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Herbology Tours

Herbology Tours Herbology Tours , Whether its your first toke or you’re Puff Daddy, our experiences are sure to get you lifted. Become Highly Educated as our team takes you on a journey into the world of. Our experiences are curated and led by our expert Herbologists and accompanied by a professional driver. All-inclusive 420…

Las Vegas Dispensary Tours

Las Vegas Dispensary Tours

Las Vegas Dispensary Tours Las Vegas Dispensary Tours, With the first retail stores recently opened, Vegas dispensary tours is at the forefront of a “Budding” industry here in Nevada.  As our competitors look to expand their out-of-state cannabis tour companies here in Nevada, keep in mind what makes Vegas Dispensary Tours unique: Take a tour on your next marijuana vacation. LOCALLY owned and…

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Highway Tour – Las Vegas

Highway Tour – Las Vegas Highway Tour – Las Vegas, Smoke the best weed in Vegas. Guided sightseeing tours in stretch limousines or luxury party buses. Experienced or newcomers, everyone will enjoy this personalized introduction to the marijuana scene. Highway Tour – Las Vegas

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CannaBus Tours

CannaBus Tours CannaBus tours are currently pre-selling tickets for no medical card required tours in Las Vegas. Purchase tickets for tours beginning July 1, 2017 You can find all of your cannabis friendly Las Vegas hotels here. Be sure to bring your ID so you can ride on the tour. Las Vegas is known for its vibrant…


The sin city has long been the place to have some adult fun, gamble and now…. Las Vegas cannabis tours. Las Vegas marijuana tours are going to show you the best Las Vegas marijuana dispensaries to visit, the best casinos to see and show you the local sights while your in town.

They are great way to beat the heat and the expense of cabs. las vegas marijuana toursNevada is now the new cannabis friendly place that you can go and have a good time without worry of arrest from locals.

On the 420 tours your guide will show you the Las Vegas dispensaries up close and inside. Now in typical Las Vegas style, you can also get tickets to shows, casino deals, hotel stays and food deals right from the Las Vegas Marijuana tours!  Recreational sales begin July 2017. Find out, How long does marijuana stay in your system?


Las Vegas Cannabis tours

Las Vegas canniness tours, we have all of the best Las Vegas 420 tours here for you. These tours can take you all over the sin city showing you the cannabis industry from an inside perspective.

Las Vegas marijuana tours can be very fun as you meet a lot of like minded people from all over the world. Be sure to take a Las Vegas cannabis tour while your in town!

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