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Find all of the Oregon marijuana tours here on USAWeed. From Estacada to Portland and yes even Boring you can find a 420 tour for your taste. See the downtown district on a Portland city tour. Below you will find all of the Portland 420 tours we could find. Have fun and make sure to pick the best Oregon marijuana tour for you. They all have different options for all of you cannabis travelers.

portland 420 tours - oregon marijuana tours

Portland Pot Tour    

Tour Portland like a true Portlandian: through the history, culture and brand-new retail industry of pot. Did you know one of the Willamette Valley’s first commercial crops was hemp? Our city’s fortunes have been tied to the cannabis plant since Oregon Country included all of present-day Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia. Oregon was the first state to decriminalize marijuana possession, and now you can explore some of the finest pot available — by bike.


high 5 toursHigh 5 Tours     

High 5 Tours is a cannabis tour company that provides guests with a look at Portland’s growing cannabis industry. We offer unique, fun adventures created to highlight not only the dispensaries throughout Portland but also activities and companies that we feel represent the diversity that makes Portland one of the best cities in America. Anyone who is interested in learning more about the cannabis industry, while soaking in some of the culture, is more than welcome to join High 5 Tours as we take you on an adventure of a lifetime on the Yellow Pot Bus.


oregon weed toursOregon Weed Tours    

We are based in Oakland, Oregon, just 2 1/2 hours from Portland. We are perfectly located with Short Travel times to the Oregon Coast, The Famous Umpqua River System, Crater Lake, Fishing, Casinos, Waterfalls and so much more! We also have a great selection of Top Notch Dispensaries and Award winning Grow sites


Have fun when on your Oregon Marijuana Tours or Portland 420 tours

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