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Find your Oregon marijuana tour here on USAWeed. From Estacada to Portland and yes even Boring you can find a 420 tour for your taste. See the downtown district on a Portland city tour. Below you will find all of the Portland 420 tours we could find. Have fun and make sure to pick the best Oregon marijuana tour for you. They all have different options for all of you cannabis travelers.

portland 420 tours - oregon marijuana tours

Portland Pot Tour

Tour Portland like a true Portlandian: through the history, culture and brand-new retail industry of pot. Did you know one of the Willamette Valley’s first commercial crops was hemp? Our city’s fortunes have been tied to the cannabis plant since Oregon Country included all of present-day Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia. Oregon was the first state to decriminalize marijuana possession, and now you can explore some of the finest pot available — by bike.

oregon marijuana tours Bridgetown Weed Tour

Are you an Earlybird, Grasshopper, or Niteowl? Whether it is cooking with cannabis, horticultural aspects of the plant, or a night out on the town; we have you covered. Each experience also includes several stops at our handpicked cannabis boutiques and will end at a smoking lounge. Earlybird Brunch – Begin your morning with brunch and a cooking with cannabis demonstration from a certified chef. The Grasshopper – Interested in the science behind cannabis? Hop on to visit a grow facility and extraction lab. The Niteowl – Enjoy a worry free evening out on the town with special events that are updated every month.

oregon weed tours HomeGrown Weed Tours

HomeGrown Weed and Wine Tours, LLC wants you to come join the tour that tickles your taste-buds.  A fun-filled choose your own adventure that provides you an awesome experience on our custom tour bus. Take in the views and sit back as we visit some of the best dispensaries and wineries in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

One that will include great entertainment and games. An exciting atmosphere with new and old friends. Also! What you came here to really do and that’s a chance to try some of the most wonderful cannabis and wines in the world.


Oregon Marijuana Tours – Portland 420 tours