Quick Intro To Cannabis Edibles

Intro to cannabis edibles. There are quite a few selections now when it comes to edibles. They can range from drinks, to candy, to baked goods, and can even be bought in items such as butter to make your own food items!  Edibles are very safe and work great when when consumed properly.

All edibles should have an ingredient list, an expiration date, and the potency of it marked clearly on the label. Make sure to read the ingredient list for any allergies you may have, as many edibles use coconut oil, butter, or alcohol as a main ingredient!  Most edibles you eat now come in pieces, to make consumption amounts easier to monitor and to help you have a safe time. Only eat up to only 5 milligrams for beginners, up to 10 milligrams for intermediates, and up to 20 milligrams for advanced consumers!


It may take some time to feel the full effects of an edible since eating takes longer for the body to break it down in the stomach than it does to be absorbed by the lungs or skin. If you take to much you can get paranoid and anxious as edibles provide a stronger full body high!  If you do ingest too much just relax, stay calm, breathe normally and allow your body time to break it down a little. Remember for the next time how much you consumed and make sure to lessen the amount before you consume again.

Edibles are fun and can have great effects when taken within the proper usage guidelines. Watch this video on Intro to edibles.

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