What is 710? What does it have to do with weed?

So you like many other want to know what is 710? 710 is relatively simple.  710 refers to a highly concentrated form of cannabis.  Most people know it as a dab.  It is the same thing.  It is called a dab because you only use awhat is 710 “dab” or small amount of it due to it being a highly concentrated substance.  Why is it called 710?  It is called 710 because if you turn it upside down it basically drips a “dab” off.  710 can come in forms of wax, shatter, oil, and hash.  Wax is solid, soft, and opaque.  Shatter is smooth, solid, and like glass, hence the name shatter because it shatters when broken.  Oil is also soft, solid, and opaque, just like the wax.  Hash consists of resin and dense plant materials.

The extraction process is not recommended for the average person to do as it is a highly dangerous process and if done incorrectly it could result in blowing everything up, i.e. your house!  So don’t do it on your own!!!!  Solvents are added to make wax and shatter.  Infusion is how the oil is made and flat screening and rolling it out makes hash.

How is this then smoked?  It can be smoked in a glass pipe with a nail rig or with a vaporizer.  When a dab is applied to a hot surface, it vaporizes instantly!

So watch this informative video on what is 710?

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