Colorado’s Great Places to Eat – when you have the munchies.

So, I’m refreshing this list for 2024, and truthfully, not much has shifted. The places I’ve listed still dish out a fantastic variety of food at reasonable prices. I’ve also added a few new gems to our roster, so enjoy exploring them!

For all the stoners out there, these spots are prime for tackling those intense munchies when hunger really hits. Check out what I consider the best eats across Colorado.

Links to all places are also included.

1. Pete’s Kitchen, Denver – For munchies at any hour of the day there is the great place of Pete’s Kitchen. A place where so many have walked through the doors. From musicians to actors and actresses. Enjoy the photos on the wall and the atmosphere.

pizza Colorado's best places to eat

2. Sexy Pizza, Denver – Not only is the pizza good, this place has a very chill vibe and cool people hanging out. No need to feel paranoid here.

3. D Bar, Denver – Having a sweet tooth and willing to spend a little extra money, then this awesome place is a must stop for you. D Bar Denver is where the deserts are worth the price.

4. The Breakfast King, Denver –  This is a place where you won’t only satisfy your cravings but people watching is a trip. Pun Intended. Bring your appetite as the portions are nice size.


5. Chubby’s, Denver – Craving some spice with your munchies. Original Chubby’s where you can order chili mild, medium and hot. Feeling bold give the hot green chili a try and enjoy the true taste of Colorado hatch chilies.
Website Yelp:

6. Edelwiess, Colorado Springs – Edelwiess has been serving up authentic German food in Colorado Springs since 1967. Enjoy a bratwurst and a German beer near the restaurant’s three fireplaces, or embrace the Biergarten in the summertime. Make sure to save room for dessert. Edelwiess’ pastry chef makes every delicious torte and pastry from scratch. Website:

7. Ore House, Durango, CO

The Ore House has been opened since 1972, making it one of Durango’s oldest restaurants. This establishment is known for its steaks and spirits, but it also has an impressive wine cellar. Considered the best steakhouse in the area, the Ore House is a Colorado restaurant that shouldn’t be missed. Website:

This has been a short list of places to eat in Denver and other places in Colorado when you here visiting. As a last thought. Denver is becoming a major player in the food industry, so if you are feeling adventurous; pick a hole in the wall or do a Google search for new restaurants in Colorado. I am a native and have still been finding great new places everyday.

Hope this short list of places will give you some great choices when it comes to the Denver munchie scene.

– Safe Travels – Nerdy Marijuana Girl