Top 4 Debunked Cannabis Claims Cannabis myths

Well you have heard the good, bad and the ugly about cannabis, here are the Top 4 Cannabis myths debunked.

Cannabis has a lot of stigmas on it.  Here we are going to debunk the top four cannabis claims.  The first cannabis myth is that smoking/ ingesting cannabis lowers your I.Q.  This is a false claim.  In 2012 a study made this claim and peer reviews found that socioeconomic status, not cannabis explained the I.Q. decline.  Another study in 2014 compared alcohol vs. smoking pot and found that alcohol, not cannabis lowered I.Q. points!

top 10 cannabis myths debunked

The second cannabis myth is that cannabis causes schizophrenia.  Use of cannabis has soared in the last 50 years, but schizophrenia diagnosis have stayed steady with no uptick.  New studies show that there is no differences in mental or physical health outcomes due to smoking marijuana.  There is a different study that shows that symptoms may manifest themselves 2.7 years earlier in the cannabis user, though.  Why is this?  Because younger people are more likely to self medicate.  New studies show that there is no difference in mental or physical health outcomes for chronic users.

The third cannabis myth is that smoking cannabis makes you lazy.  In 2006 a clinical study showed that daily use of cannabis does not impair motivation.  Examples of this are Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Hugh Hefner, President Obama, and President Bush!

The fourth and final cannabis myth explored stated that legalization of cannabis will increase usage of it.  Prohibition actually increased usage of cannabis, however legalization effects differ.  Replacing the black market with legal cannabis decreased sales to underage kids.  Legalization may also have the effect of decreasing hard drug use and alcohol use. But for adults it shouldn’t matter if cannabis use goes up as long as it is enjoyed responsibly!

So watch this great video and lets break the top 4 cannabis myths.

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