Smoking Weed for the First Time – A reflection on the friends that brought us here

Smoking weed for the first time? Read on……You never forget your first time – admittedly its an easy joke to make, but in the community of cannabis users it is one that is particularly true. Weather a person is passing a joint in a social situation, or enjoying a session with your oldest chums its something worth revisiting. Myself, like many cannabis users got started in the more restricted times before cannabis laws changed. Even for enthusiasts who joined our ranks after changes in legislation one thing remains consistent, friendships. No matter what the story is, it most likely involves relying on a little help… from your friends. Especially for those coming of age in times of prohibition it was often about who you know.Smoking weed for the first time

My personal story about smoking weed for the first time starts late, I was well into my 20’s before I made that crucial friendship. I grew up in Wisconsin, a land of thirsty people. Consequently by 24 I considered myself a pretty seasoned drinker, and I was enjoying the new freedoms that come with being a young adult. As my social circle expanded I finally found myself in the right place and the right time to shake off the remaining scare tactics of the D.A.R.E. program and experience life with a more open mind. It was early in the summer yet warm enough to need some relief from the heat. When I had the chance to join some new friends on their boat it was an easy decision. Next thing we had shoved off and were heading upriver to one of the more notable boating hot spots. As we made our way someone jumped below deck and emerged with the triple chamber blubber they had just picked up. Sitting in the afternoon sun, enjoying the lake breeze and a cold beverage I looked at that glass and decided that if I was going to try marijuana now would not be a bad time. Soon it was my turn to go below, and after some brief instruction my outlook was changed. Because of my friend, what was once taboo now seemed like a reasonable way to enjoy an already amazing day.

In states without legal access to cannabis another important friend is the connected one. That person you can not only relate to, but who you can also trust to help you find the goods. I made my first friends like this a few years later when I returned to college. It was good to spend time with like-minded people. We could get together and enjoy a few bowls and not have any ill effects the next day. I shudder to think of the cost structure now, paying for sometimes questionable goods. However, at that time it was a relief to know that you could get together and make the call. Even if finding a decent stash was comparatively expensive, because of the connected friend, you could have it when you want it. It beat waiting for someone to pass you a joint at that weekends party. Sure we may have spent some nights waiting for delivery that may not have panned out. At least with friends like this when things fell through you were in good company.

marijuanaNow I have spent the last five years in Colorado, and it has been a stark contrast to the hush-hush times I endured in Wisconsin. In fact, the first election I participated in here was the one that legalized recreational sales. No longer does a person have to wait for that tenuous text message with good news. Consumers can walk into a store and buy it like you would most anything else. Because of the compassionate legislation in Colorado and other states people now have unrestricted access to this remarkable plant. People can not only use it to find relief from chronic medical conditions, but they can stop by a recreational dispensary and buy a joint for this weekends barbecue just for fun. The great thing about this change is you ‘ rely on friends. Instead of needing friends to enjoy it, you can enjoy it to make friends. It has gone from a byproduct of friendship to a tool to forging new ones. You can now even network with like-minded people at cannabis clubs and other similar organizations across the nation. In a day and age when we are infinitely more connected than before it is always welcome to have the opportunity to say, “Hello friend, care to have a smoke?’

Thanks for taking time to share in my experience smoking weed for the first time, and the friends who have shaped me after.

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