420 Vacationing in California & the Nightlife 

If you’re looking for lively nightlife and also some 420 friendly fun in Los Angeles, California, the choices are nearly endless. With so much to choose from, you might wonder how to narrow it down to a few top places that stand out amongst the nightlife and places for the 420 adventurous ones. You could visit all of these places within the day and have an excellent experience and get a full taste of California. Get ready to laugh, enjoy fantastic scenery, and enjoy unique and incredible foods. Here is a little help to 420 Vacationing in California

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Hollywood Club Crawl
If you’re interested in visiting nightclubs, you should certainly consider going on a club crawl. Paying a one time fee of about $25 will grant you access to four different clubs for the night. You’ll be able to travel with comrades who are doing the same and enjoy a night of exploring different venues. You are sure to find a nightclub that suits your interest out of the four.

dance club
Hollywood Club Crawl

The clubs that are visited rotate, so you’ll be able to enjoy the event multiple times if you like. There are multiple recreational dispensaries along the route for you to to get some supplies and snacks.


Comedy: Hollywood Improv
Hollywood Improv is located on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. This Comedy Club has an outstanding line up throughout the entire week and is one of the top places to see comedy. You can expect major names that you’ve seen on TV as well as rising talent that is sure to make you laugh. The venue also offers dining and is capable of hosting private events. Each show runs for approximately 90 minutes the venue is not strict with the performance times.


The dress code varies. You can dress anywhere from upscale to casual. The venue recommends researching the comedian that you would like to see before hands. The reason for this is because you want to make sure you enjoy the show. Comedy for adults can be very subjective, so they suggest viewing clips of the comedian first. Discounts are offered for groups who reserve tickets. The Hollywood Improv is also a full-service restaurant. So, if you get hungry during the show, there are curated bites for you to eat. If you contact the Hollywood Improv before the show you can even have the chef prepare special food request. The chef can accommodate vegetarians, food allergies, and gluten-free food offerings

comedy club


At the Hollywood Improv, you can view comedy in two areas; the Improv Bar and The Improv Showroom. The latter of the two houses the main feature are where you can catch the biggest acts. You can also enjoy the restaurant by itself without viewing any performances at all. Expect industrial decor and vintage Americana items on the walls.The club has become renowned, opening in 1974. It’s home to events like the NBC Stand Up Diversity Showcase.

If you’re looking to go somewhere legendary and get a healthy dose of entertainment, consider including the Hollywood Improv in your travel when you’re in this California neighborhood. It seems that public cannabis smoking clubs are on the horizon in Cali. The regulated public areas where smoking is allowed has been increasing. Many hopefuls believe this expansion will continue, affecting cannabis laws in this state.


The Bar: E.P. & L.P.
Stop in from your vacation travel at the L.P. Rooftop Bar and enjoy breathtaking views of the Sunset Strip and Hollywood Hills in California. The entire establishment is called E.P. and L.P. with the lower portion called E.P. and the rooftop bar called L.P. The bar specializes in Asian street food cuisine, so come hungry. The modern Asian eating house and bar is on the corner of Melrose and La Cienega.


The gorgeous surroundings encourage you to have a beautiful experience. expect bright lights and tropical decor. Get cozy next to the rooftop fire pit or have a seat along the bar. The L.P. Rooftop Bar is actually one of the largest of its kind in California. Try one of the rooftop specialty cocktails with interesting names. For example, two drinks are named OG Ice-T and Rock and Roll Mouthwash. They also offer large format beverages, from Cowboys and Angels Rose to Dom Perignon. Ask about the secret menu if you’re feeling adventurous.

ep lp
Photo Courtesy of LA Eater.com

You might want to enjoy this bar as your last stop for the day because it’s open until 2 a.m. and has an excellent food and drink menu. This is one of the best places to enjoy a menu that is as beautiful as it is delicious. Brave adults can try one of their themed dinners. During Halloween, the restaurant serves a “ghoulish” food menu which included Hainan black chicken. Think of it as the chicken you know but the flesh is completely black. The bar is also a good place to run into some familiar faces and pop culture that you might know of. You can travel over to the L.P. rooftop bar seven days a week.



The Rev Winery and Brewery
Adults that enjoy wine should definitely partake in the winery experience in Los Angeles. It’s a richer experience than simply having a glass and not knowing the story behind it. The Rev is also a Brewing Company. Expect to see vibrant, hand-painted murals on the walls while you choose from a vast selection of wines. You might happen to stop in at Rev during a night where there is salsa dancing. The decor of the Rev mainly consists of large, rustic looking barrels which probably once housed wine of various types.



You might wonder where the Rev got its name. Its name is actually an acronym for Ramiro Estate Vineyard. The owners of the vineyard decided to shorten the name into an acronym to make it more inviting as a place to travel to and hang out at. The owners like to use natural, locally sourced products shoe create their beverages such as fruits, chocolates, veggies, etc. They source products locally at the Rev because local culture is important to the owners.

It’s nice to know that when you’re tasting the wine, you’re tasting the influence of the local geography. If you have trouble selecting beer or wine, the Rev offers a review show where they taste and describe different beverages. Of course, the show is hosted by one of the entrepreneurs and founders of the Rev. Enjoying the best places to visit over the course of a day, weekend or vacation is sure to fill your visit with fun times. This is how to create memories that can’t be replicated anywhere else.

Whatever you decide to do when 420 vacationing in California is to have fun, use our guides and maps to help you around and enjoy the local strains.