Introduction to Oils

CBD oil is a hemp extract used for medicinal purposes in different forms including food additives. It can aid in providing relief for different ailments and discomforts, and in the treatment of various diseases. Hemp seed oil is known for having anti-inflammatory properties, and there are numerous claims that it strengthens the immune system, alleviates different aches and pains, improves concentration, and has a calming effect that treats anxiety and insomnia.

Since cannabidiol is not a psychoactive substance, it does not include the unwanted side effects found in cannabis with a predominance of THC, such as paranoia, dry mouth, dry and red eyes, hunger and gluttony, drowsiness and short-term memory problems. While using CBD, thoughts are not confused, memory doesn’t deteriorate, and users don’t experience the over muscle relaxation that can lead to unproductivity.

CBD oil can help with a lot of aliments.

CBD Oil Benefits

CBD oil is recommended for the prevention and treatment of numerous diseases, and for the improvement in overall quality of life for those suffering of different aches, pains, and mental stress.
It is used for the treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract, urinary- and gallbladder (cholecystitis) and many endocrine diseases. Due to the high concentration of calcium, the use of this oil is indicated for osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other pathological changes in bones and joints. The oil normalizes hormonal balance and improves metabolism. It facilitates the patient’s condition during menopause and anemia and relieves menstrual pain.

CBD oil for pain

Cannabis has been used as an analgesic for a long time, but now its effects are scientifically confirmed. It is proved that cannabis-based drugs effectively relieve acute and chronic pain with fewer negative consequences compared to other anesthetics.

cbd oil can help with pain
CBD oil can relieve pain.

CBD oil helps to eliminate discomfort in three ways

  • quickly inhibits the inflammatory process by blocking pathogenic mediators and enhance cell regeneration;
  • block signals transmitted from the spinal cord to the brain;
  • has a relaxing effect and improves overall mood and disposition, which distracts attention from problems and reduces intensity of pain signals.

The positive effect of marijuana against constant neuropathic pain and spasms due to multiple sclerosis is confirmed by 28 studies of Harvard University specialists. CBD oil has proven well in the treatment of phantom pain after amputation and the negative effects of chemotherapy. Naturadex is one of the most proven brands, which quality has been studied in medical research. It is also able to replace or reduce the dosage of opioid drugs prescribed for unbearable pain.

CBD oil for sleep

Given all the known information about the dangers of hypnotics, it is not surprising that doctors have long been looking for their safe replacement. Recently, thanks to the development of legalization, doctors from the United States began to pay attention to the possibility of using cannabinoids of plant origin, as well as structurally similar substances that can also activate CB receptors as a similar alternative. Since this system is the main modulator of coherence of other parts of the human body, it is also directly involved in the regulation of sleep processes, the circadian cycle, as well as the mechanisms of falling asleep and waking.

Curiously, small doses of CBD stimulate the cognitive brain function, while in high concentrations, it can have a strong hypnotic effect. In particular, one research aimed at studying this property of the substance reports that it slightly increased the duration and significantly strengthened the quality of sleep, starting with a dosage of 160 milligrams of the extract. It can be assumed that in larger doses, CBD will have a similar but even stronger effect. In addition, preliminary experiments demonstrate that high doses of Naturadex oil significantly improves sleep in people suffering from Parkinson’s disease, and prevents sleepwalking in individuals suffering from “REM sleep behavioral disorder.”

kandypens best
CBD oil can help you sleep.

CBD oil for arthritis

Each type of arthritis is characterized by swelling and pain, and depending on the joint affected, arthritis can lead to severe or moderate fatigue. However, CBD has been shown effective in regulating cells and chemical substances that can help regulate the immune system’s response to damage and subsequent degradation of tissues and bones. Currently, arthritis has no special treatment. However, hemp oil can become the most effective traditional therapeutic treatment for arthritis.

Recent studies show that patients with arthritis have unusually high levels of joint tissue in their CB2 receptors. Studies have also shown that CBD can be effectively used to fight inflammation as it activates the signaling pathways of CB2 receptors. Thus, applying CBD to a locally damaged nerve reduces both inflammation and pain. Studies have also shown that Naturadex CBD can repair damaged arthritis nerves. This news is welcomed by many patients struggling with unpleasant side effects of the long-term use of traditional arthritis therapy.

CBD effects on the body

Most cannabis contains more THC than CBD, but modern research has been able to derive varieties that are almost free of THC. The beneficial effects of CBD oil on the human body are becoming increasingly appreciated. Here we will provide the reasons why CBD should be consumed daily: CBD reduces feelings of fear and panic.

CBD lowers blood sugar.
CBD blocks the growth of cancer cells.
CBD relieves chronic pain and inflammation.
CBD calms the nervous and immune systems and thereby helps with
nervous and mental problems, as well as autoimmune diseases that are caused by an overreaction of the immune system. Also, more than 23,000 published studies have shown a positive effect of CBD on conditions such as chronic pain, mitochondrial diseases, cancer, inflammatory processes, and Alzheimer’s disease.

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