Things in Pasadena for a Stoner to Do….when your stoned.

Pasadena! Home to the Rose Parade, fancy mansions, and…cannabis culture? Yep, turns out this flowery paradise has a surprising number of hidden gems for the herbal enthusiast.

So first stop by one of the best rec stores there, LHAC DTLA and get a few things. Then it’s time to ditch the tourist traps and follow my lead, fellow traveller, on a blazed Pasadena adventure!

  • The Huntington Library’s Secret Garden (Not So Secret Anymore): The Huntington may be famous for its art and rare books, but peep this – their botanical gardens boast a mind-blowing collection of cacti! With their spiky silhouettes and strangely beautiful forms, these prickly friends will have you appreciating a different kind of bud. Bonus: Pack a picnic and chill under a giant sequoia – way more chill than fighting over a parade spot.
  • Norton Simon Museum’s Trippy Treats: Art museums? Not usually on the stoner itinerary, but hold up! The Norton Simon has a collection of mind-bending surrealist paintings by the likes of Dalí and Magritte. Stare into a melting clock or a bowler-hatted man floating above a cityscape, and let your own imagination take flight. Pro Tip: BYOB (bring your own book) on surrealism for an extra layer of trippy fun.
  • Eaton Canyon’s Herbal History Hike: Did you know Pasadena used to be a citrus empire? Hike through the Eaton Canyon trails and learn about the area’s forgotten past. Breathe in the fresh air (and maybe imagine the citrusy scents of yore) and ponder the history of cultivating plants for pleasure. Local Legend: Rumor has it there’s a hidden grove of orange trees somewhere in the canyons. Find it and report back!
  • The Colorado Street Bridge in Technicolor: Forget the overrated tourist spots, this hidden gem is a riot of color! Take a stroll across the whimsical Colorado Street Bridge, a kaleidoscope of pastel hues that’ll have you feeling like you wandered into a live Van Gogh painting. Instagram Opportunity: Snap a pic under the bridge, guaranteed to get more likes than a picture of another boring museum.
  • Astro Burger: Outta-This-World Eats: After a day of exploring, refuel at Astro Burger, a Pasadena institution. These juicy, classic burgers are perfect for satisfying the munchies. Plus, the space-age décor and friendly vibes will have you feeling like you’re fueling up for a mission to Mars (or maybe just back to the hotel for a movie marathon).

Time To Eat!

Now you’re hungry from all of that sight-seeing. Here are our top picks for some munchies.

  • La Grande Orange Café: This Pasadena staple is a must for brunch lovers. With legendary lines (come early!), it’s practically a rite of passage. Fuel your day with their lemon ricotta hotcakes or a decadent prime rib French dip, and soak in the bustling atmosphere.
  • Marston’s Restaurant: Pasadena royalty since 1902, Marston’s is a historic steakhouse oozing with old-school charm. Picture wood paneling, white tablecloths, and waiters in bowties. Their steaks are legendary, but don’t miss the decadent desserts – the mud pie is a local favorite.
  • Pie Hole: This quirky little spot is famous for its creative and outrageous pies. Think chicken pot pie meets shepherd’s pie, or a savory mac and cheese version. Don’t be afraid to experiment, or stick to the classics like their award-winning apple crumb.
  • Slappy’s Burgers: Pasadena’s burger institution, Slappy’s serves up juicy, messy classics that have satisfied locals for decades. Choose from a variety of toppings or go for their signature “Slappy Melt” with melted cheese, grilled onions, and secret sauce. Don’t forget their crispy fries – perfect for dipping!
  • The Luggage Room Pizzeria & La Grande Orange: This unique spot combines Pasadena history with delicious eats. Housed in the former luggage room of the historic Del Mar Station, it offers classic pizzas, pastas, and even a kid-friendly menu, making it a great option for a casual and fun meal.

Pasadena may not be Amsterdam, but with a little creativity, you can craft a unique cannabis-curious itinerary. So, light up your sense of adventure, pack your comfy shoes, and get ready to explore Pasadena’s hidden gems, both botanical and artistic!