Las Vegas Marijuana Tours

The sin city has long been the place to have some adult fun, gamble and now…. Las Vegas marijuana tours. Medical card holders from around the U.S. can take a medical cannabis tour unlike in most states. Las Vegas marijuana tours are going to show you the best Las Vegas marijuana dispensaries to visit, the best casinos to see and show you the local sights while your in town. They are great way to beat the heat and the expense of cabs. las vegas marijuana toursNevada is now the place that you can go and still get the medicine you need and have a good time without worry of arrest from locals. On the 420 tours your guide will show you the Las Vegas dispensaries up close and inside. Remember if you are an out-of-state cardholder or opt to get legal from our cannabis doctors.  Nevada’s recent reciprocity laws now allow out-of-state patients the ability to purchase up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis/marijuana. Now in typical Las Vegas style, you can also get tickets to shows, casino deals, hotel stays and food deals right from the Las Vegas Marijuana tours !

Nevada was a long time zero tolerance state and you could get in big trouble for a seed or roach. But with the green wave of legalization Nevada has seen the light and allowed medical users the right to consume and purchase in the state. Now don’t do this without a medical card that is valid  or run the risk of a felony. Ok all of you traveling marijuana medical card holders can go to Nevada and get yourself a Las Vegas cannabis tour and enjoy your stay! To see more about Las Vegas marijuana tours visit our Las Vegas 420 tours page.

Las Vegas Marijuana Tours are now open to medical card holders ! See below tour services. – 2016 Vegas Dispensary Tours