Here is the list of items and products that can and cannot be sold on

Prohibited Items are as follows. We reserve the right to add and decide what is a prohibited item without written notice.

  • No cannabis products of any kind can be sold, including but not limited to edibles, capsules, flower, seeds, topicals, tinctures, etc.
  • No synthetic/fake cannabis products of any kind can be sold.
  • No used products or items such as pipes, smoking accessories, manufacturing equipment, etc, can be sold. Exception is cannabis related books.
  • No manufacturing or extraction equipment such as, micron filters or bags, heating chambers, grow equipment, extraction machines or tools, Etc.
  • No illegal items of any kind.
  • No firearms of any kind.
  • No knifes, swords or weapons of any kind.
  • No tobacco products.



Approved items list. We reserve the right to add and decide what is a approved item without written notice.

  • Any cannabis friendly rentals such as –  Rooms, homes, condos, town homes, hotels, campgrounds, bed and breakfasts, hostels, cabins, travel trailers, tents, tepees, etc.
  • Any legally operating 420 friendly tour company or transport service. Must be able to show insured transport service and applicable licenses.
  • Any 420 friendly social club in legal medical or recreational cannabis states.
  • Any smoke shop, glass shop, vaporizer shop, 420 friendly type of smoke accessories. Both online or brick and mortar businesses are allowed to sell new products.
  • Any cannabis club, cannabis activist group, cannabis related organization for legalization, can solicit for and collect memberships and donations, per following their state laws.
  • Cannabis related books, how to’s  or cannabis related literature of any kind are allowed, new or used.
  • More to add soon!!