How to Detox after a Cannabis Vacation

Cannabis legalization is spreading across the globe, and it has given birth to cannabis vacations. This type of travels are gaining momentum as cannabis users can legally enjoy their habit without fear of being punished. It is a fun holiday, but there are some dangers that arise from such trips.

This article will highlight those dangers and the best ways to detox after a cannabis vacation.

Dangers of a cannabis vacation

Getting too highcannabis tours

During cannabis vacations, you have the luxury of smoking and eating more than you can handle. It is easy to be carried away and get too high. It is even riskier when it comes to eating edibles. Some people underestimate the power of edibles and end up getting too high and needing help from a friend to go back to their hotels.


Buying too much

Vacationers from different states are allowed to buy an ounce of cannabis at a time, and this quantity is potent enough to knock you out. Most cannabis vacation states such as Colorado have average potency of marijuana about 19% THC, and even an experienced smokers will be incapacitated after use. Buying such weed is considered overbuying. Buying an 8% or less is recommended during a cannabis vacation. If you need some extra, you can try other dispensaries later instead of buying all at once.


Underestimating the power of ediblesHow to Detox after a Cannabis Vacation

As stated earlier, this is common among cannabis vacationers. They fail to realize that things have changed. Edibles are not simple pot cookies made with a tiny quantity of cannabis. You can lose your day by eating too many edibles when you think they are harmless. These edibles are popular because of their stealth, and they offer a different high when your digestive system processes them compared to weed that is smoked or vaporized. Edibles often take a longer time to work, so don’t overeat them.


Not being discreet enough

Cannabis is legal in some states, but this doesn’t mean that tourists can smoke wherever they want. It is disrespectful to others in the environment. Not everyone enjoys cannabis casually, and it would be unfair to those people when you don’t restrain yourself. Despite the fact that the best cannabis is legal in these areas, it remains illegal to smoke outdoors. Ski slopes, parks, and even sidewalks are no-smoke areas. You could end up with a public consumption ticket if you are not careful.


Why detox after cannabis vacation is important

After a fun-filled cannabis vacation, you need to detox for several reasons. If you are subjected to a drug test, you could be fired from work even though you took the substance in an environment where it is legal. You could also fail some job interviews that require a urine test.

Also, you should detox if you want to take alcohol. Alcohol spikes the THC levels in the blood, and this can create an overwhelming effect. Never take both substances together.

How to detox after a cannabis vacation

There are three main steps to detox your body from marijuana after an indulgent vacation. They involve drinking water, eating greens and sweating it out.

1. Drink water 

You need to drink lots of water because this is the first step to detox from weed. Opinions may differ on how much water to drink, but the most commonly accepted opinion is one gallon a day for females and 1.5 gallons for males because of the difference in their body mass.water

For people who do not drink a lot of water, this dosage may be too much. You can tweak this process by coming up with the number of ounces that will work. This means that you will drink more than what you usually drink daily. However, it should not be excessive. Make it a goal to drink as much water every day during the next week.

Hydrating your body properly is the easiest and fastest way to flush THC out of your body. That’s why the scale shows a few extra pounds when you drink water or eat too much. Excess water weight causes it.

To make it more effective, add freshly squeezed mint and lemon juice, strawberries or cucumber to your water. Use a hydration vessel and store it in the fridge. You can refill with the same ingredients when it is exhausted.


2. Eat green and lean foods

Food also has a role to play in detox after a cannabis vacation. Go to the farmer’s market or the grocery store for shopping. Stock up on berries, veggies and lean protein. Take some time to wash, chop, cook in batches and store. This way you will have all you need to cook your meals during the week so you can eat on the go.

Make a commitment to eat only home-prepared meals you made for the next week. It will benefit you in so many ways, and your body will thank you. You will get all types of detoxifying nutrients that will be mentally beneficial as well. When you feel like you’re getting rid of THC, it will help you in the long term if you want to pursue weight loss and maintain a healthy diet.


3. Sweat it out and exercise

The easiest way to sweat cannabis out is to go to the sauna. And the second easiest is local gym. It is a difficult step for most people, but it is quite beneficial. Plan your trip to the gym by opening your calendar and marking the days you want to work out. Dedicate your time to visiting the gym 3 to 4 times a week to sweat it out.

Always remember that the workout isn’t a punishment for bad vacation behavior. Rather, it is a healthy thing to do. Don’t develop a negative mindset about exercise, because it will discourage you in the long run.

Be ready to work to get the desired result. Stretch, move, breathe and sweat. Most importantly, enjoy the workout. It is the best way to get back on track with a healthy lifestyle after a cannabis vacation.

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