Six Tips on Travel to San Francisco for Cheap

 Everyone wants to save money on their vacation when they travel to San Francisco. How many of you are booking a trip this summer? We have some exciting tips for you to help you stay on track and still enjoy yourself.

1) The first thing you need to do is establish some goals. You need to figure out what you can afford to splurge on when you travel to San Francisco and what you cannot. Now, are you looking for a top-shelf experience? You are going to need to save a lot of money before you book your trip. Those who cannot afford top-of-the-line stuff are going to need to sacrifice a few things along the way. Ask yourself why you are taking the vacation. The answer determines how much money you have to work with. Some 420 friendly hotels in San Francisco can be expensive.Travel to San Francisco

2) Travel during the off season. That is going to save you money right away. Look up one of the hotels listed below before you travel to San Francisco. Each place has an off-season. Find out what when that is and inquire about the rates. Hotels do not want to lose money. No matter what time of year it is. They will often time reduce their rates to bring people in during the off-season.

3) Do you plan on flying there? The same thing applies to your flight plan. Look up some cheap flight sites and see what they have. Certain sites are going to offer up to 40% off the list price, especially during the off-season. Sign up for alerts about flights on one of the sites. Sometimes you get lucky and win a ticket that someone else did not use. Sometimes that happens at a reduced rate too.

FYI: There is a commercial with The Big Bang Theory Star Kaley Cuoco. She mentions a site where you can sign up for cheap tickets on flights. The next time you see the commercial write down the name. Google the site and sign up.
Travel to San Francisco
4) There is a site “Last Minute Deals.” You can use that and save money too. They have a lot of deals you can take advantage of. The only drawback is that you do need to be flexible with the site. They have deals that you need to click on while they are still available. That is why you need to be flexible. The time may not be when you wanted to go, but at least you get a good deal.

5) Plan for a shorter trip. Staying there longer is going to cost you more money. Do you really need to stay there for two weeks? Try going there for a quick weekend getaway. That is going to save you some money right there.

6) Try to go in a group. A nice cannabis friendly vacation is a great way to save some money. You would not believe the deals you can get at The Urban if you are traveling with the family. There are plenty of family restaurants that offer some great deals depending on what day you hit them. A vacation to San Francisco can be a great memory for life.

“A penny saved is a penny earned. Who needs to pop for a first-class flight when you can enjoy a commercial flight where you save a few hundred dollars. Besides, the first-class champagne is not all it is cracked up to be anyway.”

Five Budget Hotels in San Francisco not 420 friendly. 

1) The Bartlett Hotel and Guestroom – PUSH ME FOR A GREAT RATE!
2) The Urban
3) The Chelsea Inn
4) The Mosser
5) The Alpine Inn and Suites“All five have between a 3.5 and a 5-star rating.”

Five Places To Eat On A Budget In San Francisco

Tap each one to be taken to their YELP reviews.

1) Bini’s Kitchen
2) Cholo Soy
3) Hot Sauce and Panko
4) The HRD Coffee Shop
5) Popsons

“All five have between a 3.5 and a 5-star rating from other reviewers.”

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