Las Vegas Cannabis Tourism Guide for 2021

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2017, Las Vegas has become a premier destination for more tourists than ever before. Although many state laws are still restrictive, there are some great options for those looking forward to a cannabis-infused Vegas vacation. Cannabis tourism is alive and well in Las Vegas. So take a look at this Las Vegas cannabis tourism guide.

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First the Bad News

State laws restrict the smoking of marijuana to private properties. It is illegal to smoke marijuana:

  • Hotels with casinos
  • Public places including sidewalks, parking lots and parks
  • Inside the car
  • On dispensary property (with one exception)

The laws regulating smoking in the large strip hotels with casinos are absolute. If you stay there, even in a smoking room, hotel management reserves the right to enter and search your room at any time. If you are found smoking pot in one of these resort properties, you will be kicked out of the hotel. If you are caught smoking pot in public, you will receive a $600 fine.

420 Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas

Just because you will not have the option of staying in one of the big resort properties on the strip, there are still options for you to stay in smaller hotels and on private properties. A number of private property owners make their 420 friendly private properties available to rent for the night. You can find apartments and houses of all sizes listed on the 420 friendly booking site.

420 friendly hotels in las vegas

Once you have secured your reservation at one of the 420 friendly hotels in Las Vegas or private property alternative, you can begin planning your other activities.

420 Tours in Las Vegas

Here in this Las Vegas cannabis tourism guide and on our site you can find a wide variety of Las Vegas 420 tours available to book. These tours will pick you up at your hotel or the airport and usually last for an average of two hours.

One of the more popular consumption tours is the Herbology 101 tour package. Herbology 101 includes an education into the history of cannabis, its medical qualities, extraction techniques and a lesson on how to cook with it. The tour ends in the city’s only consumption room located north of the strip.

Las Vegas cannabis tourism guide. tour guide on a cannabis tour

For a unique experience, you may want to try the Cannabis Culture Segway Adventure tour. This two-hour tour will take you to several dispensaries, a coffee shop and a museum while riding a Segway.

One of the more popular 420 tours is the 420 Experience Las Vegas tour. It includes visits to a high-end dispensary, grow facility, glass blowing manufacturer and finishes off at the Las Vegas Dream Factory for a shop and smoke session. While not guaranteed, it is not uncommon for the Godfather of weed, Tommy Chong, to make an appearance during the tour.

Finally, you may want to take the time to visit the Cannabition Cannabis Museum. This pop-up museum is billed as an immersive experience that includes the world’s largest bong. Cannabition changes locations regularly so make sure you double-check to see its current location.

Recreational Dispensaries in Las Vegas

There are a growing number of recreational dispensaries in Las Vegas, each offering a different experience. You can find small boutique operations with a loyal local clientele or you can visit what is billed as the largest marijuana marketplace in the world. What you will not find is a heavy presence of dispensaries on the strip itself.

There is only one dispensary that is physically located on the strip itself. The Essence Dispensary is now known as Cookies on the Strip. They are usually quite crowded, but their budtenders are friendly and knowledgeable. Cookies offers a solid menu of flower, extract, CBD and edibles.

recreational dispensary looking inside from window

The other major dispensaries are located close to the strip, and any Uber, Lyft or cab driver will be happy to get you to any of them. Probably the most advertised and one of the largest facilities, Planet 13 presents their visitors with a memorable experience. Their facility is open 24/7 and is considered one of the top dispensaries in Vegas. They have an interactive LED floor, ongoing 3D visual effects and interactive artwork. Many of their strains cannot be found elsewhere with an occasional rare strain available.

The first dispensary you encounter as you exit McCarron airport is Grove Dispensary on Paradise Road. They have a large selection of award-winning strains in flower, extract and edibles.

The Apothecary Shoppe dispensary is conveniently located near the strip. An ambiance of old-world charm gives the facility the feel of a retail store from yesteryear. Medical, recreational and CBD products are available. Their budtenders can point you in the right direction for either your medical or recreational needs.

The Reef Dispensary has its flagship Las Vegas location convenient to the strip. They are one of the top dispensaries in Vegas and boast of a huge selection of strains available in flower, edibles, pre-rolled, and concentrate.

The most impressive of all of the dispensaries is located north of the strip. The Nuwu Cannabis Marketplace is housed in a 16,000 square foot facility with a vast array of offerings. It is located on Paiute land, and also has the only Consumption room in the city. Make a reservation for the consumption room but know that you will be limited to 90 minutes there.

There are dispensaries small and large scattered throughout the city if you would like to further explore the various products that Las Vegas has to offer. You can find all of the recreational dispensaries in Las Vegas here.

Memorable Munchies

What cannabis-infused vacation would be complete without the availability of great munchies? Every type of fast food restaurant has convenient locations along the strip. If you prefer to shop for snacks to take back to your room, there are several convenience stores nearby as well. You can find our recommended list of places to cure your munchies in Las Vegas here.

If you are looking for more, you can check out the food delivery services Doordash, Grubhub and UberEats who all deliver to the strip hotels. They all have access to everything ranging from a 7-11 run, to fast food, to more high-end chain restaurants such as Outback, Carrabas, Bonefish Grill and more.

Some of the local offerings cannot be beaten. If you like reasonably priced Mexican food in large quantities, any Las Vegas local can tell you that an order of carne asada fries from Roberto’s Taco Shop will always fill the bill. One order is enough to share, but don’t forget to ask for their red or green hot sauce on the side.

If you are in the mood for an authentic seafood feast delivered to your room, you might want to check out the menu for the Boilery. Located just a few minutes from the strip, they offer the best crab boils and lobster in the area.

woman eating food

If Korean barbecue and sushi is more your style, Biwon has all you can eat Korean barbecue and sushi at their location. The restaurant is always busy, and even though they stay open until 3:00 am, you will want to get there early to get a table. Fortunately, their delivery menu is impressive if you choose not to fight the crowds.

If you are in the mood for more gourmet fare, top chefs such as Wolfgang Puck and Gordon Ramsey have restaurant locations in many of the top hotels. There is no shortage of good food in Las Vegas.

By now, you are most likely ready to pack for your next Vegas adventure. Thanks to the growing cannabis tourism industry in Las Vegas, you can have a plan in place before you even get here. Thanks for checking out our Las Vegas cannabis tourism guide.