In what’s shaping up to be a pivotal moment for cannabis culture in the United States, the latest buzz from a Gallup poll shows an all-time high for legalization support.

Seven out of every ten Americans are now saying “Right on” to legalizing the herb, a stat that’s lighting up conversations from coast to coast.

cannabis support graph
Data sourced from Gallup

This blazing level of backing hasn’t just appeared out of a puff of smoke—it’s been growing like a weed since Gallup first started passing the question around back in 1969. Back then, support was as low as the munchies are strong. But times are changing, and attitudes are shifting like clouds of smoke at a rock concert.

What does this mean for Uncle Sam and the average Joe? Well, for starters, it’s a signal that the stigma surrounding cannabis might be going up in smoke. People across the country are getting more educated about the benefits of bud, from medicinal to economic gains. And with more states rolling out the green carpet for recreational use, it’s clear that the public’s view is shifting.

This groundswell of support could be the nudge that lawmakers need to reform federal laws and stop harshing the mellow of cannabis enthusiasts and medical patients alike. The message is clear: Americans believe it’s high time to turn over a new leaf and let the good times roll with legal weed.

So, whether you toke or not, one thing’s for sure—cannabis is making a name for itself in the land of the free, and the people are speaking loud and clear: “Let’s blaze a trail for legalization.”