The Top 10 Best Bongs in 2024

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Hey there! Welcome to our 10 Best Bongs 2024 list, where finding the perfect bong is like hitting the jackpot for us cannabis aficionados. You’re in for a treat because we’ve done all the legwork to round up the top 10 coolest bongs that are seriously changing the game. These aren’t just your average water pipes; we’re talking about thick, durable pieces that give you that clean, smooth hit every time – they’re real showstoppers.

Our handpicked selection is all about blending sick artistic vibes with functionality that’ll blow your mind. We’ve got everything from sleek, modern designs to pieces that are practically works of art. So, whether you’re lighting up solo or passing it to your 420-friendly partner, we’ve got something that’s gonna make your session extra special.

So, kick back, light up a bowl, and dive into our list of the absolute best bongs for 2024. Trust me, you’re gonna love these picks – they’re the best bang for your buck in the world of cannabis. Let’s get into it and find your next favorite piece!

We do get affiliate commissions from any sales, but I dig every bong here.

Top 3 Best Bong Picks
  • Trident Laser Bong by Hitoki 
  • GRAV® Klein Sprocket Recycler – Great design and smooth hits.
  • The “Giraffe” from Boo Glass – Artistic design.

Here are the best top 10 bongs.

#1 – Hitoki Trident Laser Bong 24k gold

The Trident Laser Bong by Hitoki works by using a super laser to heat and combust your herbs in the chamber. This thing is bad ass!!!!

This laser combustion process provides a healthy alternative to the butane lighters used with most loose leaf smoking methods. The Trident is both stylish in this 24k gold plated version and opulent. The Trident provides users a new level of sophistication in herbal consumption. You can get it with out the 24k gold for a cheaper price if you want as well.

  • Water filtration
  • Multiple power settings
  • Safety interlocks
  • 1 hour 45 minute fast charging
  • 280+ uses on a single charge

This is the best bong you can buy in 2024.

#2 – 17″ Straight Tube Bong with Showerhead Perc

Everyone loves a straight tube water pipe because of the classic  design with these glass bongs. The 17″ Tall straight tube bong is simple yet effective. It comes with a one hitter bowl, black downstem and ice catcher.

With a stable base and its very thick 9mm glass this bong is durable. People using this best bong state after knocking it over on a table, there was no damage. It is a top 10 bong for durablility.

best bong grav beaker clear water pipe

#3 – 8″ GRAV Beaker Bong – Black and Clear

Everyone loves a beaker because of the classic no spill design with these glass bongs. The 12″ Tall 9mm Thick Glass Beaker Bong with Colored Downstem is intimidating to look at but it has a simple yet effective makeup

This has a fat, stable base and with its style and beauty, the reinforced joints for durability this will last for years. This is a top 10 bong that has a timeless look.

top 10 water pipes

#4 – The China Glass “Nan” Dynasty Vase Water Pipe

This elegant pipe is one of the top bongs in the market. The design is for those who like fine quality glassware and this is why it is hard to find.

The pipe comes in three colors. This great piece comes with a glass male bowl that matches the color of choice. This is why it is part of our top 10 bongs list.

#5 – 16″ Freezable Beaker Bong

The 16-inch Freeze Pipe Standard Bong elevates your daily sessions with its unique freezable glycerin coils, ensuring every hit is cool and smooth, minus the coughing fits typical of regular bongs.

Just freeze the coils for an hour before use, snap them into the bong, and enjoy a chilled, cleaner smoking experience without the mess of ice cubes. This beaker-style glass bong features an 18.8mm female joint, a matching bowl, and a downstem perc for easy, hassle-free usage.


#6 – Boo Glass Giraffe Neck Bong

This giraffe bong will take you to another land. This water pipe keeps your friends wanting more. The “Giraffe” from Boo glass is small enough you can take to a party and have guests enjoy its fun design.

This 90 degree 14mm female pipe has a complimentary male glass bowl. So load a bowl of your favorite strain and enjoy this rig. This is a must have on our best bongs list.


#7 – “Pakalolo” Water Pipe

You have to get this bong for your collection. The look is timeless and this is one of the best bongs we have seen for overall value.

The “Pakalolo” Water Pipe, handcrafted by My Bud Vase features a Funnel Style Bowl with Pinch Handle, 45° joint and female joint. When your done using the bong for smoking, you can place faux flowers into the mouthpiece to hide it.

best bongs online to buy kilen sprocket pipe

#8 – 9″ Klien Sprocket Recycler Bong – Clear

The GRAV® Klein Sprocket Recycler features an innovative “sprocket disc” perc that forces smoke and water through small slits that trap ash and tar for cleaner hits. It comes with a funnel bowl and various colors.

This delivers smooth hits by moving smoke and water between the two chambers. A best bong on our list because of its design and smoothness.

#9 – Sweet Nectar Stackable Glycerin Water Pipe

The Pulsar Sweet Nectar, a 16-inch stackable glycerin water pipe, combines innovative design with artistic flair. This beaker-style pipe not only delivers smooth hits with its cone percolator and glycerin spiral diffuser but also keeps them cool with its freezable glycerin-filled removable neck.

Equipped with a 14.5mm female joint and a matching male herb slide for convenience, its stackable feature adds versatility to your sessions. Experience cooler, smoother hits with the visually striking Pulsar Sweet Nectar.

best water pipes

  #10 – “Under the Sea” Mini Bong

 The Under the Sea Mini Bong will carry you from bedroom to beachside with ease. Empire Glassworks proudly crafts each hand-worked piece from thick, sturdy glass in their California studio.

With a straight neck design it features a flared base, fat can chamber, diffused downstem, and flared mouthpiece. This is a top 10 bong that has a timeless look.

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