Top Five 420 Friendly Travel Tips for Stoners on Vacation

With the legalization of recreational marijuana happening in more an more states, there is now so many more exciting opportunities to enjoy everyone’s favorite (especially mine) plant.

A whole industry is flourishing alongside cannabis production, sales, education and profits; thats 420-friendly travel.

Yes, now you can find specialized travel agents, well-versed in the industry, that can guide you to the best spots for your cannabis vacation away from home.

We here at have always tried to help by showing you the ‘do it yourself way’ of booking your trip; but there are experts in the industry that can help.

They can arrange accommodating hotels, marijuana tours, and more, making it easier to enjoy legal pot and have a great time. Here are the Top Five 420 Friendly Travel Tips for Stoners heading to the green states.

Your first call should be to a 420 friendly travel agent who specializes in putting together sativa sojourns, who will work to find a hotel that will facilitate your trip. A wrong hotel will damper your smoking activities.

Whether you are planning a trip to Colorado, Washington, Oregon, or the newly legalized states like California, Nevada, and Illinois, one thing is for sure: you will have a blast.

However, there are ways to ensure you get the most out of your 420-friendly trip while staying safe (both legally and otherwise). Here is a list of considerations to keep in mind while planning your cannabis getaway.

Where to Stay:

Nowadays, most places will have a designated area for smoking, and with the advent of vaping THC, this is often the best option for consumption on hotel property.

Some specialty hotels, like The LEXI Las Vegas, even offer 420-friendly rooms designed specifically for cannabis smokers, and there are more in various states.

The first step is to ensure you find a nice place to stay that allows smoking. While marijuana may be legal, smoking it often isn’t—especially in public places and private businesses that are not 420-friendly. Finding a safe place to enjoy is one of the most crucial steps in planning successful 420-friendly travel. Your first call should be to a 420-friendly travel agent who specializes in arranging cannabis-friendly trips and can find a hotel that accommodates your needs.

A wrong hotel will dampen your smoking activities. Most national chains do not allow smoking, except for a few. Remember to be discreet when smoking on the balconies of non-smoking properties, as fines can be hefty.

PRO TIP – Burning a bag of microwave popcorn can override the smell of smoke sessions before you check out.

What to Bring:

Your vacation destination has all the good stuff, but what should you bring along? Here are some essentials to make the most of your trip:

  1. Valid ID: Ensure you bring your valid ID, as all dispensaries will check it, regardless of your age.
  2. Cash: Cash is crucial for cannabis purchases since many places do not accept cards.
  3. Friends: Traveling with a friend makes everything more enjoyable, and you can look out for each other.
  4. Packing Wisely: Limit your luggage to no more than two bags to make your travel easier and less cumbersome.
  5. Portable Vaporizer: With the advent of vaping THC, a portable vaporizer is a convenient and discreet way to consume cannabis on hotel property.
  6. Snacks and Hydration: Bring snacks and water to stay comfortable and hydrated during your adventures.
  7. Comfortable Clothing: Pack comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing for your trip.
  8. Phone and Chargers: Ensure your phone is fully charged and bring a portable charger to stay connected and capture memories.

By focusing on these essentials, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable cannabis-friendly vacation.

Some like to take the whole house, but we suggest no more then 2 bags. Cash is king for cannabis buying as very few take cards. Most importantly, bring an open mind and a sense of adventure.

What to Take:

Lots of great memories of course. Also some great pictures and some cannabis souvenirs like t-shirts, magazines, stickers, unused new pipes you bought.

Now, do not try to take marijuana from a legal state home to your non-legal state. Most airports ban it on property, even in the legal states. Oregon is the only one letting travelers fly in state with their cannabis. Other then that it can’t leave the green states. This is a federal crime – for now.

420 tours

Cannabis tours, weed tours, “420 Tours“, or what ever you want to call them are the most fun, safest, and easiest way to enjoy everything 420 friendly travel offers.

A typical tour will provide transportation, a trip to a dispensary where you can purchase marijuana, a visit to a head show and a glass-blowing exhibition, lunch and/or dinner, and a tour of a growing facility.

The 420 tour companies that have emerged since legalization are, for the most part, staffed with knowledgable people, have good connections in the pot industry, and can help take your weed weekend from chill to very chill

It is important to remember that while marijuana is now legal in certain states, it is not federally legal. Traveling with pot can still have consequences. Do not attempt to fly with marijuana – even the legal kind.


Make sure you look up the local laws in the state your going to by going to our Recreational marijuana laws page. Just so your educated on what the latest is also what to and not to do while you travel.

Hope you have fun and be safe as you journey. Thanks for reading our Top Five 420 Friendly Travel Tips for Stoners.

Stay elevated!

Iron lungs – contributor

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