The Rise of the Vaporizer

If you think you have been seeing marijuana vaporizers more and more, then you’re right. As we go into a more green and health conscious world, more people are watching what they take into their body or put into the environment. Well vaporizers are a new device to help the environment but even more your body. Whether you want to quit smoking or you want a healthier alternative this is where you start. There are many different kinds, some for waxes and some for liquid oil made to quit cigarettes.


There are different styles of vapes like desktops, portables, whips, and forced air. Forced air use little tank to put your herb and fill up a balloon with vapor. There are vaporizers who use conduction as there way of heating, which the cannabis sits on the heating element. The other way is through convection which means the heat is traveled through to herb. The average temperature for vaporizing is 350-375 degrees. Portable wax vaporizers tanks have a wick tightly wrapped around coils. They are usually equipped with a dab tool.

Today we are going to talk about portable dry herb vape pens and how they work with hash and dry herb. Let’s take the aGo G5 for example. With a nice deep ceramic chamber it gives a nice area to heat up your herb. The round circular coil at the bottom heats up and with hot air rising up it gives it an even heat distribution. A rule of thumb is to make sure your tanks or chambers of the atomizers are not plastic. It’s usually best to go with glass or ceramic. Metal is ok too if you know what kind of metal it is. To make sure you’re not combusting your herb use a honeycomb glass screen filter. Just throw iton the round coil and grind up your herb pretty fine but not like powder. The honeycomb glass screen sits on top of the coil making sure the herb is not in direct contact with the heat source.vape pen

Hash is mistakenly used on wax chambers with the tightly wrapped wicks but it shouldn’t be as the coil won’t heat it up correctly leaving room for clogging. Hash, just like dry herb is best broken up which will usually leave resin behind. The aGo G5 kit comes with a brush tool to help you brush and clean the ceramic dry herb chamber after each use.

All in all the aGo G5 is the best vape pen for dry herbs and even hash. You won’t go wrong, especially with its brush tool and charger that are USB and wall charger. They also work well with hash if it is broken up. Thanks for reading.

Alex – contributor.

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