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Bud trimmer machines cut back on the time it takes to harvest cannabis plant flowers. There are many bud trimmer machines for sale online, but what kind are the best?

Do I need a bud trimming machine?

If you are dealing with a big harvest, or have more cannabis buds to trim than you can manage by hand, investing in a bud trimming machine may be the right answer for you.

Bud trimming machines have a fair reputation in the cannabis community. The main negative point raised is that these machines damage delicate buds or don’t trim buds to the desired quality.

However, on the positive, the past few years have shown a number of impressive low-damage bud trimming machines that do the job pretty well. For example handheld electric bud trimmers such as the Wander Trimmer and Trim Daddy, when operated skillfully, can actually cause less damage than certain people do trimming by hand.

Other, large bud trimming machines such as those produced by Trimpro provide a basic rough cut trim finished in no time. From there you can always go back and manicure cannabis buds individually, saving time and money if you are hiring helping hands to trim.

Finding the right balance between cost effectiveness, speed and quality is important for anyone planning on trimming cannabis.

Small Bowl Bud Trimmers

 The Clean Cut Bowl Trimmer
Featured image: The Clean Cut Bowl Trimmer

Small bowl trimmers are the cheapest bud trimming machines available. They’re also not electric, but rather operated by the hand crank on the top. Untrimmed herb is held in the bottom bowl as the silicon fingers cut leaves off while it’s rotating. You’ll want to shuffle your buds, so make sure not to pack the bowl too tight.



Handheld Electric Bud Trimmers

 EZ TRIM Wander Trimmer
Featured image: EZ TRIM Wander Trimmer

Handheld electric bud trimming machines come in all shapes and sizes. You may have already seen the early concepts for these, as YouTube videos of people trimming weed with power tools. Well, what started as a gag now has evolved into handy electric trimming tools that snip leaves off rapidly as close to the bud as you want. All it takes is a little practice, and electricity.


Table Electric Bud Trimmers

Trimpro Original
Featured Image: Trimpro Automatik

Table-type electric bud trimming machines feature a flat surface grated top piece covering electric motor powered blades. Simple to operate, these machines can process a lot of herb in a short amount of time. The price however is a big step up from handheld and bowl trimmers.



Large Electric Bud Trimmers

Bud Trimmers
Featured Image: Trimpro Automatik

Large scale industrial electric bud trimming machines are the answer to lots of pot and only a limited amount of people to help process it. These machines operate automatically – load untrimmed buds into the top bin and as they are trimmed finished buds will exit the side chute while leaf trimmings are caught below. These are the most expensive type of bud trimmers.



Selecting the best bud trimmer machine for you

When shopping for a bud trimmer machine, make sure you follow a few important steps:

  • Find the right bud trimmer for your budget. There are bud trimmer machines priced from double-digits to tens-of-thousands of dollars. The home grower processing a few plants may opt for a smaller cheap bud trimmer, while the production farmer can benefit from higher-end deluxe models.
  • Choose the right spot to buy your bud trimmer machine. Bud trimmer machines are for sale at many ecommerce websites online. As a rule of thumb, be careful of ordering from small, little-known websites. Such small businesses may not even carry your bud trimmer in stock, but rather send your order to the manufacturer distributor. Bud trimmers are available for sale at many large reputable companies you may already use!
  • Read customer reviews. The best places to buy bud trimmer machines online should have verified customer reviews for most bud trimmer machines. A lot can be learned about the real quality and performance of bud trimming machines by listening to what real people are experiencing.
  • Compare prices. A bud trimmer is an investment that should be second to none when you need large batches of bud trimmed quickly. Pick the best bud trimmer machine models and compare the different specs and prices. Is one more affordable than the other? How much is this investment worth to me? What website has the cheapest price for this model?
  • Check shipping options. Bud trimming machines can be large at times, and shipping may be expensive. Usually larger websites that offer free shipping will fulfill this with bud trimmer machines. Look for free shipping, otherwise you’ll pay through the nose!

    trimmed weed


    What is the best bud trimming machine?
    This depends on the needs of each customer. A grower producing 10 kilos of buds per month is not going to benefit from a small bowl trimmer. Nor is a grower producing just a few ounces going to enjoy paying over ten-thousand dollars for the top-of-the-line best bud trimmer of the year. The best bud trimming machine is dependent on the quantity of bud you intend to trim.
    How do I use a bud trimmer?
    While all bud trimming machines work differently, let us take a look how they are generally used:

  • Small Bowl Trimmers are operated by turning a hand crank lever much in the same way as a salad spinner. You can crank either clockwise or counter-clockwise depending on your model. Don’t crank with too much force! Hand crank bowl trimmers are meant to be used gently in order to preserve delicate buds.
  • Handheld Electric Bud Trimmers are used like a vacuum or electric razor. How you work these is akin to giving your weed a haircut. Handheld electric bud trimming machines take more skill and precision than other bud trimmers, so this option is not for those who want a fully automated process. Take a seat and have fun!
  • Table Electric Bud Trimmers are easy enough to figure out. Simply run your buds over the top of the machine, and leaves will get snipped by the electric motor powered blades below. What’s trimmed falls into the collection screen below.
  • Large Electric Bud Trimmers are fully automatic operation. However, you’ll need to be there to ensure that the machine is operating properly and that buds are being processed as desired. Professional grade bud trimmers are serious machines, and the right safety precautions need to be taken. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for more details.

    Cleaning a bud trimming machine

    Bud trimmer machines will get sticky after use with resinous herb buds. To clean up this accumulated resin, wiping the machine’s blades with water and alcohol is recommended after each use.
    Closing thoughts
    Using a machine to trim cannabis buds can cut a potentially long and expensive process down a lot. Everyone knows trimming by hand is the best option for quality, but the strenuous work and hourly pay rate is not right for everyone. A somewhat compromise is to trim buds in the machine first, and then have hand trimmers go over the whole batch inspecting and manicuring – trimming off any unsightly leaves.

    Good luck with the bud trimming! For more information visit moldresistantstrains.com

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