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So when your needing some good information on the cannabis culture, industry, marijuana tourism or events there are quite a few blogs and website with a lot of information. The problem is, a lot of it is not very good.

So we have gone through the web and found a few blogs that we feel are better then most of them, by having well written articles, good reliable information and are worth the read. So check out our favorites below. – Well yes, we believe we give you some of the best information for taking cannabis vacations, finding a 420 friendly hotel room, locating a recreational dispensary and a lot of other 420 friendly information that is U.S. based.

We have over 9 years in the cannabis tourism industry and feel we have some very good insight to the market and can help you with your cannabis vacations.

Photo Credit – – This great site has a lot of great information for everything cannabis. If your wanting to find out almost anything weed related then this should be a great resource for you. They have a ton of information about vaporizers, cannabis history, cannabis laws for multiple countries and a lot more.

They also specialize in Korean cannabis culture, vaporizers, tourism and have a lot of great info for that market. Blaze4days in a Canadian based site and is ran by a couple of great guys with a lot of knowledge in the cannabis realm.

High Times – This magazine has reported on marijuana and all of its aspects since the last 30 years or so. On their online blog you can find a ton of great information on cannabis culture, industry, strain reviews, cannabis news and all thins related to weed for the last 30 years.

High Times has been the go to for millions of stoners across the globe and they have adapted to the changing media of the times. You can’t go wrong with using this site to get the information you need. – is another awesome resource for cannabis information. They specialize in business type of cannabis news but also have a lot of articles on the cannabis culture of today. We love to use this site to get information from when writing articles and have found it to be very useful information there.

The main site features dispensaries, strain reviews national and local cannabis news as well.

Honest Marijuana – Honest Marijuana is a company blog mainly based around organic cannabis and growing techniques. This company is based in Colorado like us and has a ton of great information for growing cannabis organically, how to on concentrate processing and other great information for the cannabis production industry.

Leafly – Leafly is the newcomer to the cannabis niche and has been in business for about 8 years now. they are similar to Weedmaps but with a lot more information about cannabis itself. You can find the nearest dispensary, find out a lot of info on a favorite strain, learn how to grow, find event information and almost anything related to cannabis on the site. Leafly is also another resource we use to get up to date cannabis industry information for some of our articles. – This site is dedicated to cannabis friendly lodging around the world. You can find lodging in all of the best places to buy, smoke and indulge in cannabis consumption legally. You can find 420 friendly hotels, vacation homes, campgrounds and even houseboats and more on this site. This is one of the best cannabis blogs for travel information.

They have listings in Amsterdam, Spain, The United States and Canada. You can also find article on the best places to visit, attractions, dispensaries and general travel tips for the cannabis tourist. So if your thinking of taking a cannabis vacation you can find a great place to stay on this wonderful site.

These are some of the best sites we use when needing to find out some information when we need it. There are more out there that we will be writing about in this series of articles, so be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed so you can get the latest in 420 friendly everything information.

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