Best Places for 4/20 Camping in Oregon.

Best Places to Camp in Oregon

Oregon is an excellent state to travel to, explore and camp in, for the 420 friendly vacationer. There are a number of beautiful campground locations throughout the state and we have a few listed for you.

Here are just a few options that you can try for the best places to camp in Oregon. Remember, cannabis is not legal if your on federal land, National forests, etc.

Some of the beautiful places we have for you here are on national forest property, so we will have alternative lodging not on national forest land linked for you as well.

Fall Creek Reservoir

The Cascara campground at Fall Creek is an excellent place for campers to go. It can serve as an excellent adult getaway for those couples who want a little privacy while they stay and play in nature.

Cascara Campground – Photo Credit to Oregon State Parks

There aren’t any hookups for RVs or campers, but you can bring them there if you so choose.

The Cascara campground at Fall Creek is an excellent place for campers to go. It can also serve as an excellent adult getaway for those couples who want a little privacy while they stay out in nature. There aren’t any hookups for RVs or campers, but you can bring them there if you so choose.

The hotels nearby are 45 minutes away from the reservoir. Here is a link to them. Nearby hotels to Fall Creek Reservoir

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If you are needing some cannabis supplies here is a great place near the hotels in Eugene. Eugene OG Recreational Cannabis

Fish Lake

Another option is to head to the Willamette Foothills and get your camp on. You can participate in activities here, such as paddling down the McKenzie River by yourself or with a partner. This is some of the most scenic country you will ever see in your life.

Fish Lake, OR

There are also an unbelievable number of biking trails nearby if you want to see the beauty of Oregon from atop two wheels. Biking is always a great way to see the wilderness of Oregon.

In White City there are 2 nice hotels about 34 minutes out from the lake if you want a safe place to consume and safely stash your stuff while you enjoy the forest. Find them here. Hotels near Fish Lake

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Make sure you hit Rouge Valley Cannabis in Central Point if you need some supplies. They are 34 mins. out from the lake and close to the hotels. Here is the link to them. Rogue Valley Cannabis – Central Point

Cape Perpetua

This campground is particularly well suited for those who want to use tents. The area is a vast federal reserve from the U.S. Forest Service. This means that the chances are good you’ll be able to find a completely untouched area where nobody will bother you.

Cape Perpetua, OR

The forest is also near the ocean, which isn’t especially common in terms of campgrounds. You can wander around and check out the tide pools.

There are also some rather interesting types of trees you can see in the area and many little hidden beaches that you may get all to yourself, at least for a little while. Remember, you are on the feds land so watch the cannabis!

Here is a link to some hotel alternatives nearby if you want to safely stash your stuff while you enjoy the cape. Hotels near Cape Perpetua

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There are a lot of beaches in this area, and not very many recreational dispensaries nearby, so make sure to resupply and visit Mr Nice Guy in Waldport.


Another fantastic tenter’s paradise, this park has a way of making sure that only serious campers go there, and not just any tourist that happens to drive through.

This is done by having a fee that’s a bit more. That way it won’t be worth it for someone who just wants to see the sights to go there. In other words, the chances that the people you see will be respectful to nature, are much better than normal.

Hells Canyon is also nearby and is a great place to hike, explore, and photograph.

Hells Canyon, OR – Photo Credit Wikipedia

Here are your hotel alternatives if you want something more secure and private. – Hells Canyon National Recreation Area hotels

Green Mountain

This campground makes you feel like you’re on top of the world since it is high in the mountains. This one is way off the beaten path,

The BLM’s site states … “Open Season Green Mountain Campground is open YEAR ROUND. Four-wheel Drive Vehicles Recommended. Access is via rugged dirt roads that may be impassable at times. *6 primitive campsites with picnic tables and fire grates; first come, first serve. *Vault Restroom. *No Drinking Water available. *Pack Out Your Trash. *The Nearest Services are in the nearby towns of Christmas Valley Oregon. *BLM’s Crack-in-the-Ground Trailhead located nearby.” Source – BLM

best places to camp in oregon

You can just about see the whole world from your vantage point here. You can picnic and set up your tent in an area right between two parallel peaks.

There are interesting sites to take in here, besides the view of the surrounding area. This includes a quarry and a fire lookout.

Here is a link to the best place to find hotels and lodging near Green Mountain. Smoke outside in the parking lots and keep your stash in your vehicles. Hotels near Green Mountain

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If you need some more smoke or supplies the nearby town of Lakeview has grocery stores and a recreational dispensary for you here. Top Shelf Medicine

Minam State Recreation

This location is a stop on the way to the Wallowa Mountains. It’s a fairly isolated area, and people report that you don’t hear cars or other human-made noises here. This beautiful campground is on state land so cannabis possession should be ok, might want to check Oregon recreational cannabis laws.

best campgrounds in Oregon

It’s just nature, including some impressive owl sounds. There are trees big enough to help with shade during the day, but fortunately you can still see down the cliffs just fine.

Of course, in the end, the best places to camp in Oregon will depend on your particular preferences. Some places are better for campers, or RVs, those using tents, those who like bike trails, or any number of other factors. It’s definitely worth checking out the data before you travel there!

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If your needing some cannabis supplies before you get there you can hit Pendleton Cannabis along the way. You can find their info here. Pendleton Cannabis

Rolling up the bag:

In summary, finding cannabis-friendly campgrounds in Oregon can be an enjoyable and straightforward experience, given the state’s progressive stance on recreational cannabis use. Whether you’re seeking the rustic charm of a remote campsite or the comforts of a fully serviced spot, there’s likely a campground that caters to your needs.

Remember to respect the local laws and campground rules, and always consume responsibly. As you immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Oregon’s landscapes, a cannabis-friendly campground can offer a unique way to unwind and connect with the great outdoors. So pack your gear, choose your spot, and get ready for a memorable retreat in one of America’s most welcoming states for cannabis enthusiasts.