Oregon Marijuana Tourism Guide

So lets talk to you about Oregon Marijuana Tourism. Oregon has long been on the forefront of the progressive marijuana movement. The state decriminalized pot way back in the ’70s, and declared medical marijuana legal in 1998. On November 4th, 2014, Oregon took the next step and legalized pot for all. Recreational marijuana has come to Oregon, and, with it, marijuana tourism of course. With destinations such as Crater Lake, Mount Hood and the city of Portland, Oregon has always been a great place to visit. Now, thanks to marijuana tourism, it is even better.

oregon cannabis vacations

Lets start off with basics, in October of 2015 Oregon let the already functioning medical cannabis providers, sell to 21 and over adults. Then later in mid 2016, they would have true retail cannabis online and functioning for consumers. So for now, you will be visiting dual purpose medical/recreational facilities which Colorado already has.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when planning your pot-centric vacation to Portland to see and smoke some of the local flavors. Marijuana may be legal, but partaking is not quite as easy in some places, as walking around the University of Oregon’s bucolic campus in Eugene and lighting up a joint. You need to know where to stay, where to buy, and where to toke. But with just a little know-how, you’ll be well on your way enjoying the wonderful Wallowas, with some weed in tow.

The first thing to consider is where to stay. There would be nothing worse than getting back to your hotel with some primo buds, only for the concierge to politely let you know that pot is prohibited in the hotel you’ve chosen. Luckily, there are many hotels, inns and Bed & Breakfasts that have embraced marijuana tourism and will happily let you partake in and around their establishments. Each one is linked to its listing, and you can call us too at our toll free number.

When staying in Portland, be sure to check out Mt. Scott Manor. This wonderful Tudor-style B & B, is located just outside the city, and allows pot-smoking on its secluded outside patio. Another Bed & Breakfast to consider is the 1431 NW 53rd B & B. In the Northwestern corner of Portland, five minutes from downtown, this B & B is happy to cater to marijuana tourism, and also allows smoking on an outdoor patio in the garden area. For an off-the-beaten-path option, try Camp Heaven, yep cannabis camping is here ! The campsite specializes in “glamping,” or, glamorous camping. It is, of course, marijuana-friendly. Down south in the collage town of Eugene, the very comfortable and wonderfully decorated McKenzie Orchards B & B Inn is an option for the pot-curious tourist.

Now, once you’ve figured out where to stay, the next priority is where to buy the wonderful, green, sticky,dank goodness. There are a many options already in Oregon for the cannabis connoisseur to buy. Now you might want to strike out on your own, and discover one of a plethora of pot shops, or you can use our guides to help show you where to find the best. Maybe you’ll wander into Main Street Marijuana or the Urban Pharmacy in Portland, or TJ’s Organic Provisions in Eugene. Maybe, when up in wine country, you’ll skip the next pinot noir and stop into Chalice, in Dundee.

On the other hand, a 420 tour might be what you are looking for. Most  420 tours in Oregon will include an early stop at a dispensary, where you can load up on edibles and pre-rolled joints to your heart’s desire. The tours often include visits to grow-houses and glass-blowing exhibitions, as well as lunch or dinner at a local restaurant to sate those munchies. A tour company like Bridgetown Weed Tours offers a full marijuana experience, including an infused brunch, a trip to the dispensary and a growing facility.

Oregon Marijuana Tourism…. we hope you have a great 420 friendly vacation.  Be safe and smart while you travel.