New Las Vegas Attractions – Nevada Top 5 Cannabis Vacation Ideas

All together now. What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas. No matter what you call it: Sin City, City of Lights, Glitter Gulch – one thing remains the same. Now weed won’t be available till later this year but start your planning now! Here is our Nevada top 5 cannabis vacation ideas. This place is probably the best-known adult playground in the world, and it has managed to successfully reinvent itself with each passing year by adding new attractions, hotels, restaurants, spas, nightlife, and more fun to be had. Need travel tips for Vegas in 2017? You’ve come to the right place. Find yourself a Las Vegas hotel and go visit. Some of the new Las Vegas attractions are below.


Yes, the name of this restaurant IS supposed to be in all capital letters. And if it sounds familiar, it should. The namesake, Giada de Laurentiis, has been whipping up yummy Italian foods for years on the Food Network with her television show Giada at Home. Now the fine folks at The Cromwell, a famous strip-based restaurant, have given Ms. de Laurentiis a platform to run wild with her special brand of California-influenced Italian culinary creations. In place less than a year, GIADA offers a scenic overlook of the hustle and bustle of downtown Vegas. And if you’re a foodie, what better place to make reservations than the one, the only, GIADA! One of our favorite new attractions. –

  • 1923 Bourbon Bar

Do you wake up sobbing every morning, distraught that you missed that whole 1920’s speakeasy experience? Kvetch no more, Vegas traveler, because the 1923 Bourbon Bar, located directly on the strip, is here to satisfy all your wildest fantasies of illicit drinking and dancing. Of course, it’s no longer against the law to participate in either of these no-longer-naughty activities, but one can always pretend. Billing itself as a modern speakeasy, this lounge doesn’t mind if you dress gangster. Classy, with lots of wood, brick, and leather, this is one you might be writing home about. A great place here on our Nevada top 6 cannabis vacation ideas to visit. –

  • VooDoo Zipline
    Nevada top 5 cannabis vacation ideas
    Courtesy Voodoo Zipline

A zipline is just a zipline, right? Not when it starts 400 in the air and zooms you between the twin hotels known as Rio and, oh-by-the-way, offers a 360 degree view of the entire valley in which the city nestles. If you can peel your eyes open long enough to enjoy the view, that is. Expect to move along the line at about 35 mph. It’s similar to a calm, mannerly ski lift in some ways and resembles falling out of an airplane without a parachute in others. As far as travel tips go, this one falls in the thrillseeker category, but don’t be a weenie. To avoid the long line, reserve your ride ahead of time and you get a cell phone alert when it’s time to zip. –

  • Concert Headliners

Rather than one-off concerts, top shelf performers have taken to an “in residence” approach In recent years. Celine Dion did it. So did Garth Brooks as he was working himself out of retirement and back into concert shape. 2017 offers a sterling cast of artists who will strut their stuff on stage for varying lengths of time from a few days to a week or longer. The list includes Ms. Dion, Britney Spears, Santana, Elton John, Jennifer Lopez, and an all-star country show featuring Reba McEntire and mega-selling duo Brooks and Dunn.

  • Downtown Summerlin
    Las Vegas Attractions
    Courtesy of Wikipedia

Shoppers beware. Another one of our Nevada top 5 cannabis vacation ideas is this great place. You’re liable to need a bigger credit card when you hit this dizzying array of shops just west of the Strip. The Downtown Summerlin area is one of the new Las Vegas attractions outdoor mall boasting 125 shops and restaurants ranging from the schticky to the sublime. You might like it so much you decide to move into one of the nearby luxury apartments and never leave. But even if you do eventually return home, this area is sure to provide plenty of buying opportunities and good eats while you’re there. –

The Bottom Line

Vegas, baby! It’s going to be a fun place to visit in 2017, just like it has been every year since gangster Bugsy Siegel built the foundations of what would become Sin City back in the 1940’s. And it’s not all just about gambling any more, though there will always be plenty of that. Each year brings new places to eat, play, and try your hand at those stingy slots. So head out to the desert and enjoy some of the new things to do this year. How about some extreme vacations.

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