The Evolution of Cannabis Consumption – Where did stoners come from?

As the cannabis industry evolves every year and new inventions are made, new ways to smoke are coming out.  Back in the 2015 to 2017’s we saw the spread of ‘dab nation’ across the west coast as it now spreads all the way across the nation. The evolution of cannabis consumption has come a long way.

These new concentrates of cannabis extracts came in many forms. You had a few variations such as wax, oil, shatter, honey, butter, flake and more but one of the first forms known to man is known as hashish. You can learn more about oils and extracts in our Cannabis for Dummies section.

Way back as far as 15,000 BC. In Asia or China and Europe describing the mass use of hashish throughout the eastern countries.

how cannabis evolved

Hashish was first produced by separating the trichomes, the part of marijuana that contains THC and CBD, from the plant itself and compressing it.

Now there are many varieties of similar concentrations, that are produced in just as many ways. One of the most popular methods preformed by extractors is, BHO extraction; others include ice-water separation and CO2 machines. The best way to inhale a dab is to super heat a metal “nail” with a butane torch, then apply the concentrate to the heated nail and take one big inhale.

Some forms come as strong as 90%-99% THC content with the potency of one joint in one intake. The cannabis industry’s scientists continue to develop new concentrates for the consumers every day perfecting and purifying the process. It’s been found that every weed creates a different form, but the word oil has taken universal meaning for most concentrates.

evolution of cannabis consumption. girl smoking

Most members of the cannabis community recognize the phrase and international holiday known as 420. The newest ‘code word’ out in the industry is also a simple three-digit number, 710. If you flip the numbers upside down one will read ‘oil’, the blanket word for cannabis concentrates. The evolution of cannabis consumption has come a long way.

On top of the best holiday April 20th marijuana enthusiasts now have July 10 to celebrate the newest addition to the smoking family. Be sure to only take a reasonable amount of any concentrate. This stuff is super strong so make sure to take it slow.