Tips For Toking in Peace In Your Vacation Rental

By Ben Owens

It’s 2019 and cannabis is legal for adult use in 10 states (20% of the country!), and legal for medicinal use in 33. With more than two thirds of the country adopting increasingly-relaxed cannabis laws, you may find yourself looking for amenities like a 420-friendly Airbnb when you travel.

Official 420-friendly hotels can be few and far between, and often have strict policies against smoking (as opposed to vaping) cannabis, with hefty fines attached if you choose to ignore them. This makes private residence vacation rentals like AirBnB a natural fit. Don’t assume every Airbnb is 420-friendly though. There’s a few things to look for when searching that’ll help you make sure that you choose the right rental.

Airbnb’s Stance On Cannabis

AirBnB officially has no policy on cannabis listings. In fact, the company has gone so far as to state that, “Due to the changing laws in regards its usage, Airbnb has no policy against the use and or consumption of marijuana. However, any other drug is and will continue to be banned from any Airbnb listing.”

Representatives from the company have explained previously that, until the substance is federally legal, the best that they can do is allow hosts in legal states to highlight that their space is a 420-friendly Airbnb, as creating a filter or category for these listings could cause problems that might result in illegal listings of 420-friendly rentals that are not in legal states.

How to Find a 420-Friendly Airbnb

The best way is to use a search engine like Google, rather than Airbnb’s built-in search tool. This will allow you to target specific keywords, and even search within Google’s index for Airbnb content that contains phrases like “420 Friendly,” “710 Friendly,” or “Smoking Allowed.”

This will help you pull up listings that explicitly highlight their friendliness towards the cannabis lifestyle. If you’re looking in a specific area, make sure to include that in your search to help narrow down options.

420 friendly airbnb

What to Look For in a 420-Friendly Airbnb?

When I’m browsing for anything 420-friendly, including an Airbnb, there are a few obvious clues and a few subtle nuances that help me determine whether this rental is one I would stay at:

  1. Is it clean?

Similar to hookahs, cigarettes, and anything smokable, cannabis smoke and ash can leave a place dirty. Generally speaking, areas that allow smoking require more cleanup, and more attention to cleanliness – something often forgotten during vacations (especially while enjoying cannabis). If the pictures look clean, and the place looks tidy, you’re off to a good start.

  • 420 & 710 – what does it mean?

If they use these numeric codes, it’s pretty much a given that you can smoke in peace in these rentals. 710 Friendly would likely mean vaporizing only, so make sure to ask, whereas using the 420 friendly term is likely to be open to all forms of cannabis consumption.

smoking dude
  • Photos and interests.

What do you see in the pictures? Does the rental look sterile and corporate? Or is there some personality to it, like a giant Grateful Dead Bear on the wall? Are their pieces of glass, ash trays, or anything indicative of “Smoking Allowed”? Are there amenities like video games or other fun things to do while high? Stereotypes can be helpful when evaluating pictures (aka Grateful Dead fans would likely be friendly to cannabis and the lifestyle it accompanies, or at least moreso than a rental featuring religious artifacts in each room, which would likely not be 420-friendly).

  • Are there windows?

One of the first things I notice about a hotel room or an Airbnb is whether or not there are windows (and whether they open or not). Obviously, opening windows helps air out the smell of weed, but it’s also nice to have a fresh breeze and a steady supply of fresh air, even if you enjoy a good hotbox. 

  • What’s nearby?

Great listings will often include local attractions in their 420-friendly Airbnb post, as well as a list of activities that are available on the property. Keep in mind though that sometimes cannabis consumers forget to include these things, so it may take some digging. Look for restaurants, cannabis tours, natural areas (hiking, outdoor sight seeing), and activities. When looking for food, make sure to check out who delivers in the area, as you’ll likely want the food to come to you if you’re getting baked.

What if I can’t find a 420-friendly Airbnb?

It may be tough to find an explicitly 420-friendly Airbnb, especially if you’re in an illegal locale, but even in legal locales they’re in high demand and short supply. Not every host wants to be 420-friendly. If you find yourself in a rental that may not condone your cannabis use, try to stick to vapes, dabs and edibles indoors, and use the outdoor patio or porch space if weather/property allows. Keep your blunts, best bongs, joints, and anything combustible outdoors.


The Final Hit

When looking for a 420-friendly Airbnb, look for the obvious signs like 420 and 710, and also the subtle nuances, like a table laminated in Phish Tickets or a dancing bears tapestry on the wall, and, worst case, stick to more discreet options like dabs and edibles. Happy hunting!

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