Are you doing this in your Recreational Cannabis Dispensary?

Cannabis retail dispensaries emerged as a viable business opportunity after its legalization in several states across the US. But the pandemic worked like a shot in the arm of the industry. A growing number of consumers are embracing cannabis as a wellness aid, so the demand is sky-high.

Cannabis retailers witnessed an immense surge in revenues and profits since and during the pandemic so it seems to have made it an easy sell. But you also have to beat the stiff competition in the current market also. Customer experience is one factor that can set your business apart in the competitive landscape.

Everything boils down to understanding customer expectations and aligning your retail experience accordingly.

Here are some valuable insights on customer expectations from a cannabis dispensary experience.

Latest products

Cannabis consumers have endless options in products beyond vapes and tinctures. From edibles to drinks, concentrates, and topical products, there’s always a new product around the corner.

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Retailers need to assess their existing range and enhance it with the most current offerings. Not having the latest offerings means you will miss out on the buyers looking to experiment with cannabis products and consumption methods.

Ensure to follow the latest trends and update your offerings sooner rather than later. You will see the traffic soaring incessantly as buyers trust you for giving them the latest and the best.

Assured availability

Besides having the latest product offerings on your store shelves and online catalogs, you must ensure availability at all times. Not providing customers with their favorite brands and products can have an immense impact on your reputation. Even worse, buyers may not give you a second chance by returning to buy again.

A robust inventory tracking and management system keeps you ahead of shortages and stockouts. Conversely, it can also save you from overstocking products that do not sell. Overall, you can optimize your investment by picking fast-moving options and avoiding slow-selling ones.

Convenient buying options

Another thing that cannabis retail customers expect right now is convenient buying options. You cannot keep them happy with dispensary visits only, because they may not want to visit physically amid the ongoing virus risks, transportation limits or mobility issues.

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Providing them with convenient buying options like e-commerce delivery and curbside pickups can give your dispensary a winning advantage. The good thing is that most retailers embraced these models in pandemic times, so nothing much needs to be done.

Cannabis retailers must consider upgrading their website for seamless online shopping experiences, online orders if possible and call ahead ordering. Revamping your delivery and curbside pickup services is a good idea because these retail models are here to stay. If these are legal and available in your state, they are a good thing to do.

Personalized offers and recommendations

Running a dispensary successfully is about building relationships with your customers and retaining them for the long haul.

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The best way to do it is by providing personalized offers and recommendations. Since buyers are spoiled for choice, they are more likely to stick with sellers going the extra mile to cater to their preferences. You can use software solutions such as pos a bit for tracking the shopping history of buyers.

The insights enable you to send personalized offers and recommendations to these consumers. They are more likely to seal the deals and stay with your business rather than switch to another seller because you know what they want and need.

Sending a past customer a deal on flower when they always buy edibles is a waste of resources. You can target each person with a directed offer to entice them to return.

Information and education

Now with cannabis being recreational and medically available to a lot of Americans, there are still some newbies that have doubts and some apprehensions about trying various cannabis products. Even some seasoned consumers may have some trepidation while switching to a new alternative.

Not surprisingly, in house dispensary buyers now prioritize information and education on the product they are buying and stocking, by collaborating with product sellers in for the long run.

Having qualified and well-informed budtenders on what you stock in-store, keeps your business ahead on this front. Giving detailed information on what the product is, how it is made and what it does makes it an easier sell to new customers and keep them coming back.

They can discuss queries and address the concerns of buyers. They may even share recommendations about products according to their preferences and product knowledge of what you have in stock.

Providing valuable information on your website and blog is another measure to stay a step ahead with your retail strategy. Using your blog to answer commonly searched queries about cannabis products can bring you in a lot of customers that might of never of found you.

Safe in-store experiences

As the new normal is here, dispensary owners are all set to get foot traffic churning again. But the returning buyers want safe experiences because the virus is still around. Business owners need not do much to double up on safety as they already know all about the appropriate measures.

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Just make sure you implement the ones to go the extra mile with buyer safety and confidence. Prevent crowding and enforce social distancing on the shop floor.

Solutions like POS software and self-service kiosks take you a long way with in-store safety as they prevent crowds and queues in retail locations. Digital signage also helps you show customers the way around without having to interact with the staff.

Legal compliance

Cannabis consumers are far more educated about the legal norms of buying these days. Only running your dispensary in a legal state is not enough to be on the right side of the law.

You must stay ahead with the compliance requirements for seed-to-sale tracking, quantity limits for selling cannabis, and legit age of buyers. Besides ensuring compliant operations, you secure the benefit of making the buyers stick.

Customers are more likely to stay with legit sellers because they do not have to stress about legal issues. So make sure you are updated with the latest rules and regulations at all times.

Competitive pricing

This one is a no-brainer as customers want quality products at the best prices. Moreover, the competitors may lower their prices to grab your share of the market. Keep track of the market pricing and follow these trends.

At the same time, do not compromise quality to lower your prices. Rather convince buyers about having the best offerings at optimal prices. They will probably have no qualms about spending a bit more on quality products. Find alternative strategies to provide pricing benefits to consumers.

For example, you can buy in bulk, collaborate with suppliers for long-term savings, and cut operational costs.

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Knowing what your customers expect always puts you in a better place as a retailer. When it comes to cannabis retail, it can take you far ahead in the competitive landscape.

Consider these factors and fine-tune your retail experiences accordingly. You will not have to do much more to set your dispensary on the growth route and win the customers as loyal brand advocates.

Thanks for reading! Good luck.