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Top 10 Vaporizers on Got Vape…. according to us.

So we decided to make a great article about Top 10 vaporizers, but when we started to do some research, we forgot there were so many sites to choose from. Some not so well done, some just plain lame and then there are the ones who know their stuff. So we decided to do multiple articles covering the best vape sites online and the vaporizers they offer.  So here we go, lets us cover what this great site has to offer for flower type vapor units..

We scoured the pages of this huge site and found all of the usual suspects. We tried to pick what we think are the best for overall value, use and durability. So here are the top 10 vaporizers on Got Vape.

Our opinion on what we think are the Top 10 Vaporizers on Got


Top 10 Vaporizers ele volClassic Volcano Vaporizer – $479.99

This great desktop vaporizer is considered the best in vapor technology, vaporizer science and industry. The Classic Volcano Vaporizer allows you to have complete ease while enjoying your cannabis flower . The vented balloon delivery system lets the Classic Volcano Vaporizer stand apart from all vaporizers on the market. This is one of our favorite units to have in the house and does the job very well. Very durable and well built this unit will last you a very long time. This is considered to be one of the easiest vaporizers to use. You can find it here on


top 10 vaporizers volcanoThe Digital Volcano Vaporizer – $599.99

If you want precision temperatures this is the best desk top unit on the market. You can set it to the desired perfect temp for various moisture of flower to make sure you get all of the best from it. Just like its brother the Classic Volcano Vaporizer,  it has all the great features and durability  of the name we have come to trust and admire. This is considered to be the easiest vaporizers to use in the world. You can find it here on


Top 10 Vaporizers on Got Vape


Easy Vape Digital 5.0 Vaporizer -$94.99

This is a very compact unit for the desktop vapor market weighing less than a pound and measuring in at 6 1/3” Length X 3 1/8” Width X 4 7/8”. This has very precise digital controls that make sure to get all the vapor from your flower. The wand and hose are easy to yse and deliver quality hits from the unit. The durability on these is very good and the heating element is long lasting and quick heating. An illuminated LCD screen on the front of the unit lets you know the precise temperature the vaporizer is at (+- 3 degrees Celsius) by showcasing both the Actual and Desired Temperature. Get your unit here on



Top 10 Vaporizers Extreme Q VaporizerExtreme Q Vaporizer – $239.99

When it come to the latest in desk top vaporizers and convenience this unit has them all beat. Just load it, go sit on the couch and use the remote to do your bidding. The digital display and control of this vaporizer is outstanding and the remote make it so much more fun. The remote control assists you with setting the fan speed, adjusting temperature settings and powering the Extreme Q Vaporizer on and off. The Extreme Q Vaporizer has many other uses then only a vaporizer. This gem can be used as a steamer, an minerals diffuser, and as an ambient aromatherapy unit. With that many uses this unit is top of the line and it leads our pack on our top 10 vaporizers on Got Vape list. Find it here on


Top 10 Vaporizers Vapir RiseVapir Rise – $199.99

The next unit to be featured on our top 10 vaporizers on Got Vape is the Vapir Rise, this is a new desktop Vaporizer designed for flower and oils. This new innovation from by Vapir has a great look and a small foot print on your counter. Vapir Rise can be used directly inhaling from it or the balloon fill option. Vapir Rise’s heating chamber has been designed for excellent performance and easy to clean. Another option on this sought after unit is the ability to Vaporize with or without a fan! This puts another layer of versatility on to this awesome vaporizer. Variable temperature controls, multipurpose uses and a sleek look makes this a top contender in vapor units. Find it on here.


Top 10 Vaporizers pax 2Pax 2 Vaporizer – $279.99

We have covered the Pax and Pax 2 in our past and still feel this little hand held unit is one of the best designs in the world and it is so good it is being copied by others. From the Pax website itself it describes this great unit as “More powerful, but remarkably power efficient. A deeper oven allowing a satisfyingly consistent draw. An elegant, ergonomically redesigned mouthpiece that senses the presence of your lips. A more efficient battery, and intelligent heating and cooling systems to optimize usage. An elegant anodized aluminum surface and integrated LED indicator.” You can find it on for a great price.



Top 10 Vaporizers magic flightThe Magic Flight Launch Box – $119.00

When I first saw this unit I thought, WTF is that! But after hearing such good reviews about it I had to try one. I must say it works great and is very reasonably priced and should be on our top 10 vaporizers on Got Vape. Such a basic design that works so well it why this design works. The natural look of this unit with the wood and glass, combined with the smooth vape hits it delivers, makes it a great buy. Magic Flight Launch Box measures only 2.5(W) by 1.25(L) by 0.9(H) inches in size and fits in the palm of your hand so it works great in your pocket or a small case. You can find them on here.


Sutra S-Type Premium Vaporizer Top 10 Vaporizers Sutra S-Type Premium Vaporizer – $169.99

With prevalent features including an advanced smart heating system, cool and easy hitting body style, increased run time and simple to operate settings makes this one of our favorites. The S-Type portable vaporizer was designed by vaporizer users for vaporizer users. Keeping the active vape patron in mind, the S-Type’s shell is constructed out of a heat temperate poly carbonate that will stand the rigors of daily use. A high grade magnet connects the mouthpiece to the base of the device, paving the way for an easy loading option. A built-in auto safety shut off feature is incorporated to maximize battery life while using this superb portable vaporizer at any altitude for hours. Combining the vapor quality normally reserved for desktop units with ultimate portability, the new S-Type by SutraVape. Find it on here.


 Top 10 Vaporizers assendAscent Vaporizer – 249.99

This a great little handheld unit, bit not too little from DaVinci. The company touts this unit as having “Digital Temperature control, a Removable Glass Mouthpiece, Premium Grade Materials, and a 4 Hour Run time, this portable Vaporizer is sure to be a perfect fit for both novice and expert patrons alike. Smart Temperature Technology is combined with an inert ceramic heating element and all glass air path to ensure quality Vapor delivery.” You can find it here on Now on to our last unit listed as our favorite on this top 10 vaporizers on Got Vape.



Top 10 Vaporizers Arizer Solo VaporizerArizer Solo Vaporizer

This is a nice unit from Arizer in Canada. This is a great portable unit for on the go as it is a sleek and compact design concept, The company says this about the Solo Vaporizer by Arizer “measures 4.5 “ in Height and 1.75” in Diameter, solid aluminum outer shell accompanies the Solo Vaporizer by Arizer, protecting the unit from scratching and general wear and tear. Internally, a solid foundation surrounds the Stainless Steel heating element, adding an extra layer of durability.” You can find it here at


Now there are so many more here for you to see but we feel this is a great pack of units to choose from and know your getting a solid vaporizer. That concludes our top 10 vaporizers on Got Vape.

For those of you with a drug test coming up soon here is the Guide to Detox from Marijuana for you to review.


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