Marijuana Store Etiquette : What to expect and do when you shop for cannabis.

The recent proliferation of retail recreational marijuana stores is bringing a new set of rules to weed culture: proper marijuana store etiquette for storefront buyers of medicinal or recreational marijuana. Yes, just like school or dinner parties, there is behavior that is acceptable and expected in the dispensaries. So here are a few guidelines for the novice buyer. We have more info in our article here How to buy marijuana.

Your first visit to a recreational marijuana store may be a little intimidating, especially for anyone who has been used to buying pre-legalization marijuana in circumstances a little less out in the open! But there’s nothing to be concerned about when you visit your local dispensary, since it turns out to be a friendly and informative experience. And the etiquette is going to be pretty familiar to anyone who was brought up with manners.

Do Your Research
Do look at the online services like here on our site that list local recreational marijuana stores and their menus to get an idea of what strain of marijuana might be best for you. You can ask your budtender for advice, and they are usually very happy to help you – but their time is valuable, too. You can reasonably expect that over fifteen minutes may be cutting into the time for other customers who are waiting.

Trove Cannabis - Marijuana Store Etiquette
Photo Courtesy of Trove Cannabis

Know Your Price Point
There are some dispensaries that provide only expensive, top-shelf product and others that have good bargain product. Know the hours of the store you plan to go to, since some keep (almost) normal business hours and others are open till midnight or later.

Be Prepared

You will need your driver’s license or other picture I.D. and, if you live in a state that has only legalized marijuana for medicinal reasons, you will also need to show a medical marijuana I.D. that proves a doctor has prescribed cannabis for you.

Cash is still king in the marijuana business because federally regulated banks won’t let growers and sellers park their earnings in them – which means they’re losing out big time on taxes, but what can you say? Almost no storefronts accept credit cards, debit cards or checks, so bring cash and remember that a tip will be appreciated by your budtender.

Most of the storefronts are strict about not allowing photos to be taken, so just leave that cell phone at home, or in the car when you are buying. On a common (or not) courtesy note, let’s finally admit that most of us find being forced to listen to some stranger’s cell phone conversation is annoying as hell. Help make your purchasing experience smoother by helping the dispensary be a phone-free zone.

Play by the Rules
Don’t try to bargain, ever. The budtender serving you has no say over the prices.
Do not light up on dispensary property – it’s a business, not a party bus.
No Returns, No Exchanges.

The legalization of cannabis has changed the industry in more ways that we can even know at this point. So don’t be hesitant to visit one of the legal marijuana dispensaries in your area.

If you just observe the easy marijuana store etiquette discussed, your experience will be relaxed and enjoyable. Welcome to the new world!

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