Top 5 Things Not to Do on your Cannabis Vacation

So when your out on your next cannabis adventure in one of the “Green states” there are what we consider the top 5 things not to do on your cannabis vacation. Now just a few things to remember are… to be a responsible person, tip accordingly and DO NOT do the things listed below.

#1 Do not touch the buds or products when shopping!! 

This seems to happen quite a bit since I have been in the industry. The customer comes in, says they would like to see something they go to smell it and immediately grab a fat nug. This is a no no! Do not touch any of the product you see, just look and ask questions. If you touched some moonrocks you would make quite a mess and piss off the budtender.Top 5 Things Not to Do on your Cannabis Vacation

#2 Do not smoke in a non smoking room!!

You would think this would be obvious but this can land you a hefty cleaning fee. Some hotels are known to charge $350.00 for the cleaning of a smoke contaminated room. Even smoking on a terrace or balcony can get you a charge. So keep it to the designated areas. Just ask the front desk or get a smoking room.

#3 Do not smoke and Drive!!

Do not try to blaze a blunt and drive a vehicle. Don’t try to eat an edible and go for a drive. The cannabis now is very potent and you should always stay in your room or take a safe walk around town. This also can land you in jail very easily as everyone knows what it smells like and your plate is just a phone call away to the law. Use a ride share on us…. or taxi.

#4 Do not try to take it back to your non legal state!!Top 5 Things Not to Do

I tell everyone. “Dont take a $10.00 edible back trying to be cool and ruin your life over it if you get caught.” Leave it to an over 21 local or consume it before you leave. Other states are looking and searching for people from the “Green States” so enjoy it here. You can buy a gram at a time so no need to get too much. Read up on marijuana laws in the recreational states.

#5 Do not eat or consume too much cannabis!!

When you go shopping and want to buy everything because it looks and sounds so good? Well go ahead and buy what you want…. but just don’t try to eat it all in one day. Most edibles can take 2 hours or more for you to feel the effect so go lightly and slowly. No driving, riding. If you go for a walk take a friend.  If you consume to much eat some food, drink some water, relax on the couch with some TV. Read up on edibles here at Cannabis shopping 101.

These are but just a few but our favorites of the top 5 things not to do on your cannabis vacation. Hope you have a safe trip!!


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  1. Bernard Molony

    Last sentence correction. Should be ” if you consume too much, not to much!

    1. USAWeeD Listing Owner

      Thank you, we fixed it.

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