So they want to shut down cannabis tours in Nevada. I am an advocate for treating cannabis like alcohol as most of the new regulations state, in the places who have made recreational use legal. Now when municipalities use the excuse  of “no smoking in limo/coach type of vehicles due to the driver getting a contact high” is laughable. First off this has not been proven by science and shouldn’t have regulations stating this fact, secondly it is very easy to mitigate the smoke from the rear cabin.

Then also to say that “they” consider it to also be public consumption is a another double standard we face. A city in Colorado for one says you can drink alcohol in a limousine and that is NOT public conscription, but smoking cannabis is?? This is a problem we deal with when trying to expand and improve our companies, to hire more employees, and enrich more families lives.

Actions like these makes me scared for the future of the cannabis tour industry. When officials start pulling regulations out of their asses to make rules about something they did not study and know nothing about is very disheartening.

How do we fix this? Vote…. I know it is corny to say that but it is true, until we get the old, outdated mind sets in the government out, we will always struggle.

I have pulled an excerpt from a story ran on the Las Vegas Review Journal that you should go read, this is what the normal stance will be with the old mindsets we have running the system.

A handful of private bus companies want to give passengers a chance to take the high road in Las Vegas. Find more on the laws here. Recreational cannabis Laws.

These would-be roach coaches want to offer a space that complies with state laws to privately consume marijuana, but the shuttle operators have hit a bump in the road.

A little-known Nevada law prohibits anyone from ingesting the drug while inside a moving vehicle — a misdemeanor punishable with a maximum $600 fine. It’s also against the law to rent a private vehicle just to use marijuana.

But that isn’t deterring some potential pot tourism operators.

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