The rolling lounges are one of the few options for visitors who want to use marijuana but can’t find pot-friendly lodging.

Visitors to Denver can legally buy marijuana products from 200 or so state-licensed retailers, but they can legally enjoy their purchases almost nowhere. Now the city seems to be cracking down on one of the few options available to cannabis consumers who don’t have homes in Denver and can’t find pot-friendly lodging. Last week, as part of an undercover investigation, Denver police ticketed riders on buses operated by My 420 Tours and Colorado Cannabis Tours for illegal public consumption of marijuana.

Denverite‘s Andrew Kenney reports that police cited 31 employees and customers on Friday for using marijuana on those outfits’ buses, which take people on tours of pot shops, grow operations, and other sites of interest to cannabis consumers. “Our policy is to enforce the laws that are currently in place,” a Denver Police Department spokesman wrote in an email to Kenney. “Consuming marijuana in public is illegal, and that is why officers cited the people consuming marijuana illegally.”

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