The Best Stoner Gifts for the 2018 – Hand Pipes

Ah yes, that time again… getting stoner gifts for all of your best buds. Are you looking for the perfect hand pipe to purchase for the 420 friendly family member or loved one in your life?

With the holidays soon approaching, most people are looking for a special gift to give that special someone; it can be difficult to know the intricacies of a bowl or a bong if you are not familiar with the cannabis industry. Below I will lay out a few factors to keep in mind when purchasing smoking devices.

Hand pipes as stoner gifts.

First, style is one of the most important factors to begin with when buying a pipe. There are numerous different types of glass pipes for weed available to purchase. A standard weed pipe has three key components: a bowl (to place the bud in), a mouthpiece, and a carb (to allow more or less oxygen flow).stoner gifts

The traditional spoon pipe is classic, timeless, and comes in an assortment of shapes and colors. Another option, similar to the basic spoon, will be a Sherlock style pipe. Sherlocks are longer and usually more curved than a spoon.

If you seek some convenient travel-size weed pipes, a chillum is likely the best fit. Chillums are small straight pieces that are extremely portable but will typically only allow for a few hits.

This brings into question what characteristics like size and functionality will your special stoner seek in a new cannabis pipe.

Glass weed pipes range in functionality. Glass pipes can come in all shapes, sizes, colors – they can be as big as your forearm or small enough to fit in your pocket.

Something like a Sherlock pipe is going to be much bigger and will fit much more than a chillum. A standard spoon will be the most basic and functional piece; however, a pipe that comes in a funny character shape or design may have more aesthetic and charm.

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Durability is another important factor to consider with a new weed pipe purchase. Ideally, you will want the pipe to be durable and made of thick glass. There are two main types of thick glass: single blown and double blown glass. Single blown glass will only have one layer of glass and is typically much cheaper than double blown glass. Double blown glass will normally be more expensive, but much more durable.

When it comes to pricing, if money is no object to you, you may want to look into high end glass. Companies such as Roor, Grav Labs, and Biohazard may cost a pretty penny, but are made with significantly higher quality standards than your typical run-of-the-mill single blown glass.

These companies will have many different options of pipes for weed available online and in their retail stores. You do not have to be a cannabis aficionado to appreciate the time and care that goes in to some of these glass pipes.

stoner gifts

Whether you go online and do some research for smoking devices, or go in person to your local head-shop, you will easily see the vast selection of weed pipes for sale on the market. Keep in mind the style, durability, and functionality of a pipe when making a new purchase. Certain brands are going to cost more than others. Keep these factors in mind when making a new purchase and your stoner gift will be a hit (literally)!

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