Cannabis activists are very upset over some new ads made by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS).

These six videos are causing quite a stir with cannabis activists and seem to us to be a bit over the top.

One cannabis activist says “Trying to discourage youth from using cannabis is a noble one, in fact we’ve excluded youth from the adult use of cannabis when the law was passed”, said NORML board member Rick Thompson.

Another prominent cannabis attorney Josh Covert said this, “I think it is a good thing to teach kids about cannabis and marijuana. It’s not something they should be using as teens. ” He also said the message is getting lost. “It seems to just perpetuate the stereotypes that aren’t true about marijuana or cannabis users,” said Covert.

I agree that the videos seem to be a bit too much and need to be removed and a scientifically accurate message be sent.

Here is one of the videos upsetting the cannabis activists.


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