Have you given vaping a try yet? You should. One of the wonderful things about weed is just the number of ways you can consume it. From brownies to bongs, smoking, and tinctures. There’s an option for every occasion, and each method has its strengths and weaknesses. It’s always nice to try new ones in order to get different effects and different experiences.

Do you know what vaping can offer that other methods do not? Keep reading, here’s why you should try vaping weed. Just make sure you look into the side effects and health hazards before you get started; vaping might be best enjoyed in moderation.

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1 – Vaping is very discrete

Vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes, and discretion is one of their main advantages. Not only can you buy vape pens that produce very little vapor, but the nature of the device makes it impossible to tell what the person is smoking. 

You can tell the difference between a cigarette and a joint from a distance by looking at the shape of the cigarette and the smoke being produced. When someone is vaping, however, the distinction is much less clear. You can maybe tell the difference by the smell if you are up close and know what to look for, but that’s it. No one can tell whether you’re getting nicotine or THC into you at a glance, and that can be very nice on certain occasions.

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2 – Vaping is smoother than smoking

Since there is no combustion involved in vaping, you’ll experience much smoother and cleaner hits. If you’re one of the people who appreciate the flavor of good weed, this is something you have to try. The lack of combustion makes the feeling of the smoke — or vapor, in this case — closer to a bong than a joint or a pipe.

3 – Vaping is better for your health

There are health concerns associated with vaping, true. But overall, it’s still healthier than smoking marijuana. Smoke brings carbon monoxide into your bloodstream, which reduces the body’s capacity to carry oxygen. It’s not good for you, and it’s especially dangerous for the elderly and gestating women. If you’re using weed to manage morning sickness, consider switching to vaping, or a tincture.

4 – Vaping is more efficient

When you burn weed, a lot of the available TCH gets burned away with it. Only a small fraction of the total THC ends up in your lungs. Vaping is similar, but the percentage of THC that ends up being utilized is much higher; it is as high as 46% in some cases. That allows you to get more bang for your buck, and it means that vaping weed is often cheaper than smoking it. Yes, some vaporizers are expensive, but the subsequent saving should cover the cost of your device.

5 – Vaporizers are versatile

It’s good to remember that once you shell out the money to get a vape pen, you can use it to vape all sorts of stuff. E-liquids come in all flavors, from mint to chocolate. And you can get them with all sorts of additives, including uppers like nicotine and caffeine. You can also get e-liquids with calming substances, such as chamomile or CBD. Don’t know a lot about CBD? You should check out

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